[Code IDE] Will ever Cocos Code IDE be open source?

[Code IDE] Will ever Cocos Code IDE be open source?

My main reason for this is that I want to have Lua live coding on Linux as well. I managed to make lua-default-runtime template works on Linux but without the part of Code IDE I can’t have live coding. Well, maybe we can figure it out from the runtime part but it would be a lots of work. So, will ever Code IDE be open-source? so that I or someone else could make the live coding works with other editors or with Linux.

Thank you!

P/s: I noticed go3k did this https://github.com/go3k/LiveRefresh2 but it’s buggy on Linux.
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people at Chukong are trying to create cocos as platform with integrated services and lot of options for developers to easily achieve a lot of things which takes a lot of time right now but it comes at a cost so they will try to make some money out of it. So I dont think in the near future they are going to make opensource.

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Well that is not true, i read in one pose that Cocos devs will not have anything paid. Open source or not that is different thing but paid of course not.