CocosHelper and windows

CocosHelper and windows

For simplicity I have chosen to integrate the Cocoshelper (by @SonarSystems ) in my projects. Two issues arroused from this and thus I have two questions.

  1. Can you use the CocosHelper in windows projects (proj.win32)?
    (some sources say it is usable on windows while others contradict, and if this is the case, I haven’t downloaded the NDK or ADT for android, how would I do this)?

  2. Would the process of converting a cocos2d-x windows project (in my case made in visual studio) into an IOS or Android project be straightforward, is it simply copy and pasting or is there more to it?
    For example(proj.win32 to

Ask Sonar Systems. They have their own forums. They implemented CocosHelper when we were implementing SDKBox. They just used our name. We don’t support it or have anything to do with it.

By nature when you run cocos new ... you get projects made for all these platforms already. If you develop on Windows and you want to then deploy to Android you need to:

  1. Install Android Studio and update it. Also download the SDKs and SDK tools you need.

  2. look at and add your sources in the right place. Same with any libraries, etc. Also, if you need any platform code because you want a feature we dont implement, add this too.

  3. test on Android hardware.

  4. once you are happy, deploy to the Google Play Store.