[CocosCreator] Jenkins - error build (

[CocosCreator] Jenkins - error build (

Hey, guys.
In General, have a problem. We updated Cocos to version 2.3.2, and there was a problem with the build in Jenkins, via cygwin.

The problem is the following: in the console there are logs and the last record is such , after which the process hangs and does not collect any more.

[4336] Delete C:\Jenkins\workspace\Cocos_build_dev_1\build\web-desktop\subpackages/**/*,C:\Jenkins\workspace\Cocos_build_dev_1\build\web-desktop\**\*

I want to note that the Cocos itself is going to be manually collected perfectly both through the CocosCreator itself and through the cmd console.
The command to build in jenkins via cygwin is identical to the one used in cmd except for the path to CocosCreator itself.

Maybe someone had a similar problem? Please, I need help.