Cocos2dx - Windows UWP (Facebook)? c++

Cocos2dx - Windows UWP (Facebook)? c++
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Hi Guys,

I have setup SDKBox on Apple/OSX without issue for my app. I now want to do the same thing for Windows 10 (UWP) build. The only code I can find talks about using c# which would mean having to call back into c# from c++ or is there a way I can stay in c++?



Sorry, I think I just might have answered my own question when I found this: I hope it helps someone :slight_smile:


Thanks for your idea, ImagnGames.
I would like to know whether you attach winsdkfb to cocos2d-win32 project successfully, and there’s any hints.
Thanks, Mono


Sorry guys, SDKBox supports Android and iOS platform currently, other platforms are not in plan.