Cocos2dx game to web (flash or html)?

Cocos2dx game to web (flash or html)?

I have finished a game in cocos2dx with language cpp. Original plan only included android and iPhone. But now I want to deploy it to web browser. Is this possible to deploy my game to web and if yes then how?

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No not easily. Emscription maybe

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Are there any successful cases? Because I don’t want to invest in something to find out at the end that it was not possible due to some XYZ library.


I don’t know of any, myself, perhaps others do. I know it has been done but I don’t know a lot more than that.


Hi @slackmoehrle ! Could cocos2dx team support this feature for c++ api ? Because I want to build my projects for web ! But I cannot ! :pensive:


It is not possible with latest source code.
Do not waste your time.
If you want web build, use Creator.

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No, we won’t be supporting this any time soon. Perhaps there will be more options with Creator in the future but not with cocos2d-x.