Cocos2dx framework only have js framework

Cocos2dx framework only have js framework

Two questions:

  1. how to use the command “cocos framework” in command line, i put in the command like this: “cocos framework -h”, and get error response, and i can not find any info about this command anywhere

  2. I got a cocos-js project now has only web framework, how do i creat other frameworks based on the js framework i’ve already got? see the difference between the photos, thx

try running cocos new ... to create a new project.

cocos new MyGame -l js -p com.mygame -d .

thx for your kind reply, but I don’t need a new one, i need other native frameworks missed in this project, is there a way to do it?

I think that it is easier to create a new project and then copy over your resources to it. Because there could be build settings etc required by new framework versions and you would need to manually look and add them as well.

ok, got it ,my appreciation for your kind response

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