Cocos2dx-2.26 Android Project compiling?

Hey folks, I know it’s very old (2.26) however a few games of mine use it, and I have not been able to change anything due to not getting the code to recompile. I tried creating a blank v3.17 project but there were too many errors to fix as it used a few custom classes and would take ages to solve (and I have a few projects to do of them).

As an example, I use Android Studio 4.2, I can get my code into Android Studio, and it will run on my device / export apk etc etc however any changes I make in the classes are not ‘built’ and it’s only tiny changes I need to make (like removing a button!) and then wanting to just recompile the .lib file. Obviously any java files I change work fine, it’s just the classes files.

I have tried and tried to get it to work with no success, I wonder is there another option? Even if I compile the files outside of Android Studio - I used to use Eclipse but I guess that isn’t supported these days? Appreciate any advice!

3.17 is very different from 2.2.6.

Why can’t you use the cocos tool to create a new v2 project? We didn’t support Android Studio with v2.2.6. We supported Eclipse back then.

Hi, so is cocos tool able to make V2 compile with Android studio?

Not out of the box but it makes eclipse projects that you can import into android Studio last I recall

well, i made it just by compiling/resolving errors list.

Its an old legacy project, so may be someone “cleared” some steps of the path for me