[Cocos2d-x][XCode] Linker Error when using Socket IO

[Cocos2d-x][XCode] Linker Error when using Socket IO

I am trying to code the client side of my application with socket IO. I followed a tutorial to code the main scene header program as below:

And I got the result as below photo:

I already read a lot of tutorials and forums on the website. I tried to link the libwebsockets.a to the XCode, and it returns such library is not found. Could you help me on this case. Many thanks for the helping.

Add libwwebsockets to the build target.

Make sure you are prototyping the needed functions.

Make sure you are including where necessary.

Also check out cpp-tests for a working example.

Already fixed the problem. I forgot to implement the method… Thank you for the helping :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Sorry, I am rookie in X Code. Is the Target Dependency the same as Build Target?

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