Cocos2d-x website certificate

Cocos2d-x website certificate
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I’m trying to discover some way to contact your webmaster. Unfortunately, it seems you’ve made it difficult to reach anyone on your team; there’s no Contact link at the website and apparently as a new forum user I’m prohibited from posting a new topic. Replying here is the only way I’m finding to let anyone at Cocos2d know that there’s a problem.

I’d like to inform you that your website certificate has expired. This is causing Visual Studio 2017 setup to fail at this download step:

The URL redirects to a download at your site:

As you can see, the certificate expired Friday last.

May I suggest switching to a Let’s Encrypt certificate. They’re free, and you can automate the renewal process.

Thank you,
Jeff Bowman
Fairbanks, Alaska

Happy 7th Birthday Cocos2d-x!

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for reporting this. Please feel free to contact me anytime you need something. Here via PM is fine or via e-mail:

I will add a link to my email on the website.

Thanks, this link is controlled by Microsoft. I will ask them to update it once they have tested v1.7.

We have our operations team looking into this issue.


I’m sorry if it is offtopic.

What is the recommended option for C++ programmers? cocos2d-x or cocos2d-x-lite?

The last time I installed VS2017, I noticed that there is the option to install cocos. So I decided to try it. And when the installer downloaded and installed Cocos Creator, I was a little upset.
If I got Cocos Creator with VS Code then I would not be surprised because VS Code at least supports JS. But the VS + Cocos Creator look a bit strange.


We just dont have a topic for this sort of thing. I had to pick something. The team is solving this issue asap.

This is controlled by Microsoft and their integration process.


So they think VS2017 + Cocos Creator is a good idea?

My question still remains, I just took the opportunity to ask now, since the topic was raised.


Your questions doesn’t apply to this topic :slight_smile:


In some ways.
If cocos2d-x-lite is the recommended option then the installation of Cocos Creator looks logical because cocos2d-x-lite comes with Creator if I remember correctly.
Otherwise it is strange.

Maybe you can transfer it to another topic if you think it will be better?


Thank you, but I’d hate to see your mailbox get filled up with SPAM as a result of posting a direct link. Might I suggest an HTML/URL-encoded version? Below is a snippet of VB.NET code to accomplish this.

You may view the result on my website, for example, by navigating to and comparing the rendered version of the email address there with the HTML markup. As SPAMmers are dealing with hundreds of thousands of database entries—if not millions—they will not want to expend the CPU resources necessary to find and decode this.

I don’t know whether your ops team uses .NET for the website, but even if not the code is easily translated.

Congratulations on your recent milestone, and best wishes for your continued success.

Thank you,
Jeff Bowman
Fairbanks, Alaska

=== .NET Extension Method ================================================
‘’’ <summary>
‘’’ Encodes an email address to a SPAMmer-resistant yet browser-friendly rendition.
‘’’ </summary>
‘’’ <param name=“Instance”>The email address to encode.</param>
‘’’ <returns>String</returns>
‘’’ <remarks>This method returns an encoded email address that SPAMmers will be reluctant to decode</remarks>
Public Function ToEncodedEmailLink(Instance As String) As String
Dim eEmailEncodingType As EmailEncodingTypes
Dim sEncodedCharacter As String
Dim oCharacters As List(Of Char)

  If Instance.StartsWith(".") Then
    Throw New ArgumentException("Email address cannot begin with a period.")

  ElseIf Instance.EndsWith(".") Then
    Throw New ArgumentException("Email address cannot end with a period.")

  ElseIf Instance.Contains("..") Then
    Throw New ArgumentException("Email address cannot contain two or more consecutive periods.")

  ElseIf Instance.Occurs("@") = 0 Then
    Throw New ArgumentException("Email address must contain the @ symbol.")

  ElseIf Instance.Occurs("@") &gt; 1 Then
    Throw New ArgumentException("Email address cannot contain multiple @ symbols.")

    With New StringBuilder
      Call .Append("mailto:")

      oCharacters = Instance.ToLower.Trim.ToList
      oCharacters.ForEach(Sub(Chr As Char)
                            If Char.IsLetterOrDigit(Chr) OrElse "`~!@#$%^&*-_=+{}|'./?".Contains(Chr) Then
                              sEncodedCharacter = String.Empty

                              If Chr = "@" Then
                                eEmailEncodingType = EmailEncodingTypes.Entity
                                eEmailEncodingType = Int(3 * Rnd()) + 1
                              End If

                              Select Case eEmailEncodingType
                                Case EmailEncodingTypes.Entity : sEncodedCharacter = $"&#{Asc(Chr)};"
                                Case EmailEncodingTypes.Hexadecimal : sEncodedCharacter = $"%{Hex(Asc(Chr)).ToLower}"
                                Case EmailEncodingTypes.None : sEncodedCharacter = Chr
                              End Select

                              Throw New ArgumentException($"Illegal character '{Chr}' in email address.")
                            End If
                          End Sub)

      Return .ToString
    End With
  End If
End Function