Cocos2d-x v3.5 Released

Cocos2d-x v3.5 Released
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We don’t know if it can run on 5.0 or not just because of lessing devices. We will change it if we can make sure that 5.0 is not supported.


Thanks @hawkwood.


Did you use Eclipse to compile c/c++ codes in Eclipse?



Hi @slackmoehrle, why unpinned this topic?
I think we should unpin previous versions of releasing note, such as 3.5rc0, v4.0alpha0 releasing note and so on.


@zhangxm I’m sorry. walzer asked me a while ago to make sure we did not pin so many thing once that topic was replaced. When I saw v3.6alpha out I thought he would want v3.5 removed. I won’t remove stable build topic.



I agree that we should not have so many things, but it think it is better to unpinned more older ones.

And thanks to pin it again.



I noticed there is a coming upgrade to chipmunk v6.2.2
Im curious, why not 7.0 ?



I’ve upgraded my project from 3.3 to 3.5 and I’m working through several problems.

  1. [Solved] [Solved] Cocos2d-x 3.5 with PEShapeCache_X3_0.cpp
  2. all my physics bodies start at the same coordinates and then move outwards. I presume this is because they are colliding and as the collisions are resolved the bodies move outwards. This wasn’t happening with 3.3. The node started in the position I originally placed it. I’m wondering if I have to apply the PhysicsBody to the Node in a separate frame, after the Node has already been added to the scene.

Update: here’s a thread started by another user regarding the physics problem:


Hi, when i run cpp-empty-tests or cpp-tests or if i create a new project a get this when i exit the game (exit code 1). I tried cocos2d-x-2.2.6 and it works fine (exit code 0).

I use windows 7 and visual express 2013

Ready for GLSL
Ready for OpenGL 2.0
OpenGL error 0x0500 in …\base\CCConfiguration.cpp cocos2d::Configuration::gatherGPUInfo 145

cocos2d.x.version: cocos2d-x 3.5
cocos2d.x.compiled_with_profiler: false
cocos2d.x.build_type: DEBUG
cocos2d.x.compiled_with_gl_state_cache: true
cocos2d.x.fps: 60
cocos2d.x.3d.max_point_light_in_shader: 1
gl.renderer: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
cocos2d.x.display_fps: true
gl.max_texture_units: 32 3d
cocos2d.x.texture.pixel_format_for_png: rgba8888
gl.supports_vertex_array_object: true
cocos2d.x.3d.max_dir_light_in_shader: 1
gl.supports_ATITC: false
cocos2d.x.texture.pvrv2_has_alpha_premultiplied: false
gl.vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
cocos2d.x.testcpp.autorun: false
cocos2d.x.3d.max_spot_light_in_shader: 1
gl.version: 3.2.9551 Compatibility Profile Context
gl.supports_NPOT: true
gl.max_texture_size: 8192
gl.supports_ETC1: false
gl.supports_S3TC: true
gl.supports_PVRTC: false
gl.supports_BGRA8888: false
gl.supports_discard_framebuffer: false

cocos2d: fullPathForFilename: No file found at /cc_2x2_white_image. Possible missing file.
‘cpp-tests.exe’ (Win32): ‘C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mswsock.dll’ cargado. No se encuentra el archivo PDB o no se puede abrir.
‘cpp-tests.exe’ (Win32): ‘C:\Windows\SysWOW64\WSHTCPIP.DLL’ cargado. No se encuentra el archivo PDB o no se puede abrir.
Console: listening on : 5678
‘cpp-tests.exe’ (Win32): ‘C:\Windows\SysWOW64\WSHTCPIP.DLL’ descargado
El subproceso 0xdd4 terminó con código 0 (0x0).
El subproceso 0xda0 terminó con código 1 (0x1).
El subproceso 0x4d0 terminó con código 1 (0x1).
El programa ‘[1536] cpp-tests.exe’ terminó con código 1 (0x1).



I’m using Armature + box2d for colision detection and I’ve found a crash in tests-cpp when I defined ENABLE_PHYSICS_BOX2D_DETECT and CC_ENABLE_BOX2D_INTEGRATION
in method b2BlockAllocator::Allocate
if (m_freeLists[index])
b2Block* block = m_freeLists[index];
m_freeLists[index] = block->next;
return block;
when i go to example Extensions->CocostudioArmatureTest->“Test Collider Detector”


Using Particle3d PU all works well on IOS but on Android/eclipse,
I am getting the following error:
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUBoxCollider.cpp:49: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::AABB()’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUBoxCollider.cpp:217: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::containPoint(cocos2d::Vec3 const&) const’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUBoxCollider.cpp:223: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::containPoint(cocos2d::Vec3 const&) const’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUBoxCollider.cpp:233: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::AABB()’
make: Leaving directory `/Users/virgilwylie/Documents/Cocos2d/cocos2d-x-3.5/Gamerz/KungFuStreetFight35/’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUBoxCollider.cpp:240: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::intersects(cocos2d::AABB const&) const’
The Selected NDK toolchain version was 4.8 !
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUBoxCollider.cpp:253: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::intersects(cocos2d::AABB const&) const’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUPlaneCollider.cpp:130: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::AABB()’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUSphereCollider.cpp:148: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::AABB()’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUBaseCollider.cpp:101: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::set(cocos2d::Vec3 const&, cocos2d::Vec3 const&)’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPURender.cpp:564: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::s_attributeNames’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPURender.cpp:440: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::Sprite3D::create(std::string const&)’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPURender.cpp:446: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::Sprite3D::setTexture(std::string const&)’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPURender.cpp:451: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::Sprite3D::getAABB() const’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPURender.cpp:453: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::getCorners(cocos2d::Vec3*) const’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/PU/CCPUBillboardChain.cpp:667: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::s_attributeNames’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/CCParticle3DRender.cpp:199: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::s_attributeNames’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/CCParticle3DRender.cpp:242: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::Sprite3D::create(std::string const&)’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/CCParticle3DRender.cpp:248: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::Sprite3D::setTexture(std::string const&)’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/CCParticle3DRender.cpp:253: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::Sprite3D::getAABB() const’
jni/…/…/cocos2d/extensions/Particle3D/CCParticle3DRender.cpp:255: error: undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::AABB::getCorners(cocos2d::Vec3*) const’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [obj/local/armeabi/] Error 1


#39 is not working now please share another one to create PUParticle animation


I fix it:add “LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES += cocos3d_static” to “extensions/”