Cocos2d-x v3.5 Released

Cocos2d-x v3.5 Released
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We are happy to announce that cocos2d-x v3.5 is released.


Highlights of v3.5

  • added 3d particle system, it supports Particle Universe
  • disabled MoveTo::reverse(), because it is meaningless
  • fixed transparent BillBoard and Sprite3D rendering error
  • fixed the bug that Motionstreak does not work with MoveTo and MoveBy
  • fixed potential memory leak in AutoReleasePool
  • more bugs fixed

Features in detail

3d particle system

With 3d particle system you can create more cool effects. It allows to import particles from Particle Universe. The usage of 3d particle system is as follow:

  • create 3D particle with particle (.pu) file and material file
auto rootps = PUParticleSystem3D::create("lineStreak.pu", "pu_mediapack_01.material");
  • Create 3d particle with particle (.pu) file only. Suppose the path of the particle file is /path_of_particle/a.pu, the the material files should be in /materials.
auto rootps = PUParticleSystem3D::create("advancedLodSystem.pu");

For more information, please refer to cpp-tests/Particle3DTest.

All features of Particle Universe are supported except following ones:

  • Renderer
    • Light Renderer
  • Emitter
    • Vertex Emitter
    • Mesh Surface Emitter
  • Affector
    • Inter Particle Collider
    • Collision Avoidance Affector
  • All Extern

More information

For further information please read:

We would appreciate if you can test this version and report any possible bugs.
Thank you!

How to use of cocos2d-x 3D particle


CRASH: Audio - NewAudioEngine test immediately crashes on iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1, on line 148 of audio/apple/


Particle3D Test: runs as expected on iPhone 3Gs running iOS 6.1.6. On iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1, however, Particle3D Test is just colored blocks, not actual assets.

The lua-runtime is missing also…
How can I add it? (This repo


Thanks for feedback.
We will take a look.


Can not find a device to test.


Does it only happen on iPad1 with iOS 5.1.1?


Is it possible to use new 3d particles in a good old 2d scene?


lua-stuff is working when using cocos framework which can be downloaded via cocos. But than cocos code ide can’t update a project with cocos framework …
I created a new project, copies my stuff inside it and try to get it working.
We are using the particle-system in our game and now the particle-lua-bindings are gone …
They are removed (setTotalParticles() setTotalParticles() ect istn’t working anymore). Okay, I thought it’s easy to copy the bindings from 3.4 to 3.5 and it should be working. But the 3.4 source has of course .cpp files and the 3.5 framework has only .h because it’s prebuilt… and with 3.5 source it’s not working…

Any way to solve that?


Hello! The problems aren’t the bindings (i think). It works perfectly on windows using cocos simulator. But when building it for android, cc.ParticleSystem can’t be found/used. I’ve made a thread here [3.5] Lua Bindings removed from ParticleSystem / Android prebuilt has error?


I believe the audio crash would happen on any device running iOS less than 6.


Thanks, we will try to find a device that is running iOS less than 6.


can you look this post
thank you very much


Yes. 3d particles can be used in 2d scene.


yeah… the new 3d particle effects look pretty good.


Can not find a device that runs iOS less than 6.
Now 98% devices runs iOS 7 or upper version:

So i think it is low priority.


The only relevant devices that still fit this category are iPad 1 and iPod touches. The 4th gen iPod touch is based on iPhone 4 (not 4s) hardware… So while you can run iOS 7, it’s really terrible.

When Apple lists their their stats they only show devices capable of upgradin-- it’s not out of all possible devices. I’m not trying to encourage you to up the priority–because I don’t care about this issue, but I am trying to help you understand that there are a lot of iPads and iPod touches out there that are still relevant and in use.


If this is the decision (low priority meaning it will probably not get fixed), then please change the release notes to reflect that minimum supported iOS is 6.0, not 5.0.


hi, i cocos new project, in my eclipse, having sh:cocos:commond not found…
i just use cocos2d-x v3.5, can soembody tell me how to solve it. thanks!


I made a pull request with the fix for the iOS 5.1.1 crash