Cocos2d-x v3.17.2 released!

It is possible to clone Cocos2d-x from GitHub. If you do that, you must manually run

If you use the .zip file, it includes the dependencies at the time it was released.

In either case, we do release new versions of the dependencies from time-to-time and you can run at any time to see if you have the latest version of if there is a new version available.

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What does this mean sorry?

I believe referring to this function in OpenGL:

ok thanks for clarification, btw any idea when metal version will be released ?

Which ndk should be used with cocos2dx 3.17.2 iam using the latest ndk 19.2
but cpp classes are not linking and undefined reference error shows. though andoid,mk has all the entries

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@IzzyJM it is named NDK r19c, but in Android Studio, its version named I am confused with it too. And we will release metal support beta version this week.

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is NDK r19c and the same thing it doesn’t matter which one we use ?

I think so, but i can’t make sure. I can not find the corresponding connection. We uses Android Studio to update NDK, and can not find r19c.

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so you guys test it with the NDK from Android Studio ? not the one you have to manually download ?

Android Studio is what we support now. Command-line development and Eclipse have been deprecated for some time. It’s way easier in Android Studio to switch NDKs for testing and staying current.

Also CMake is an option. If you are developing for multiple platforms it may be a good option for you. I still prefer Studio for the little bit of Android development I do.

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@IzzyJM Yep, after switching to Android Studio, we use it to install/update NDK. But it is a problem that it is not convenient to install specific NDK version in Android Studio, so may be we can manually install NDK.

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If we use android studio NDK, do we still have to set the NDK variable in terminal when u run the python command that sets cocos2dx variables ? & I only use iMac to develop for Android & iOS Would using CMake be beneficial for that?(i don’t really know much about cmake)

Command line development is still needed for build servers. My jenkins doesn’t know about Android Studio, it only knows about the Android SDK (incl NDK). I believe you should create a post in the docs on how to get everything for that, because here are many devs without any Android knowledge.

PS: And it would be a cool bonus, if you would create a docker container for building Android apps. #dreaming

What OS? I use Docker a lot these days.

Every OS you can create a docker container for (e.g. Android, Linux - because both can be build via command line). And I believe iOS wouldn’t be easy possible.

Sure, it’s just Linux and Android on Linux that we could provide.

Ubuntu? Debian? Some other?

@mars3142 no problem, you can still use cocos command to build Android.

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I know, I use ./gradlew for all my Android builds. It was just a comment to

And a build server is command-line development or am I wrong?

I was under the assumption that all Android Studio does is provide a GUI for the command line functionality, so gradle builds can always be done from the command line, and that has never changed.

I think the “Command-line development and Eclipse have been deprecated for some time.” remark was about an alternative way to build with command line based on a cocos script. Isn’t that correct?