Cocos2d-x v3.14 released!

Cocos2d-x v3.14 released!
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it extracts for me on 2 machines.



it seems you again forgot to add header for Spine:


It’s already second release where it was forgotten to include - please check you publish guidelines to prevent this in future builds


Darn. Sorry about that. Did you already create a GitHub issue for this? If not, I would be happy to.


no, I’m not created it



One more request - please exclude from info.plist

Icon file - Icon-57.png - this seems left from xcode 5 and not in use anymore so devs should all the time delete this line to submit app to app store.


huh, alright. I wasn’t aware :slight_smile:


Another question :smiley: regarding cocos2d-x bundle - why do we have there SPINE version 2.3 in spine GIT I see there is available 2.5 version - why cocos2d-x not using latest spine runtime?

It seems there is also some bug with preloading spine animations - but we need double check that first on our side maybe in our code something wrong - or if it is known bug?

One more question:0 regarding icons and launch images - maybe it’s time to bundle them in assets cataloge - as anyway we now deliteing all icons/launch icon files and moving everything to this new assets bundle in xcode.



Hi, How to update cocos 2d x v 3.14.1 from 3.14?


Just download 3.14.1 and replace


Have you find the solution for this yet? I’m getting the same error when trying to run
python -p 21 cpp-tests
from this tutorial :

and same error while trying to compile the project for Android Studio following this tutorial :


I am developing windows game by using cocos2d-x 3.15 version.

By the way, how to detect the event of focus and unfocus of window?

Release Notes says:

[NEW] Desktop: add events for window resize, focus and unfocus

But I don’t find the reference about its usage.
Somebody help me?
Thank you for your time.