Cocos2d-x v3.12 released!

Cocos2d-x v3.12 released!


IPV6 problem is not imported in v3.12. Indeed, v.311 doesn’t support IPV6, so i don’t know why you can avoid IPV6.

It takes effects on some Android devices, not all. You can just apply this patch to have the fix.


Sorry for the confusion. I meant 3.11 fixes openssl problem. As I can see ipv6 is still not fixed.

As for android performance fix it’s just this one line of code? Can “mapBuffers()” removal affect performance on the other devices?


Yep, it just one line fix. It will not cause performance issue on other devices. Can refer to this doc for detail description for the reason.


Thanks, Slack; Saved me ages of faffing about to fix this!


@zhangxm Please include the vscode debug extension in the main download zip. It works really great for JSB debugging and including it here will help more people find out about it. Web debugging already worked great with vscode chrome extension.

Looking forward to intellisense and cmd+click support in vscode.


Or, it will be even better if it can be published to vscode’s inbuilt extension installer.


@schngrg Yep, i will try to publish to vscode’s inbuilt extension installer.

It depends on the docs as i did for creator. And what’s cmd+click?


When will I be able to use C++ in Cocos Creator?

When will there be official Apple TV support?


@zhangxm Do you mean that intellisense in vscode works for JS projects made using creator? Which docs does it need? I could only find details on vscode site about adding typescript definitions etc…

By doing command+click on a variable name in IDE, it usually takes the user to definition of that function, class, or object etc… This makes it easier to jump around in code, and also to dig into cocos code to see why cocos is not doing what we need or how to make it do something.

But this works only when intellisense works. I tried webstorm, and it is able to show full auto-complete suggestions and do command+click for “go to definitions” for a cocos2dx 3.12 JS project without needing any configuration. Looks like it is a problem with vscode because it is geared more towards typescript.


@zhangxm I had started another thread on this issue:

Broken intellisense and autocomplete for Cocos2dx JS in Visual Studio Code

@schngrg creator uses another version of cocos2d-js engine, and it uses its own format comment that can be parsed in runtime. And i use the parsed result to generate a typescript declaration which makes intellisense work.

@netunlimited about c++ support for cocos creator and Apple TV support, let’s ask @ShunLin.


@zhangxm OK, thanks for this information. It is really a vscode limitation because webstorm is able to do autocomplete and cmd+click directly from .js files for cocos2d-js, without needing any configuration or TS definitions.

Does the team plan to add similar comments and TS definitions support for the standalone cocos2d-js engine?

I tried to look at the cocos2d-js engine in cocos creator and there are some interesting changes and improvements in the engine, like in the way classes are defined. For a new cocos2d-js project, should we use standalone cocos2d-js engine or the engine in cocos creator (as a standalone engine without creator)?

We are not using Creator due to how we have implemented our project in C++ and we plan to follow similar structure with JS. For example, we need device orientation change support and defining sprite position and sizes based on physical screen size. We dynamically calculate the sprite size/position values using device DPI and screen size, and we change the design resolution to match screen size on orientation change or browser resize. It looks like with cocos creator we will need to choose a fixed design resolution and specify sprite size/position in pixels. In code we can specify things like “sprite.y = winSize.y-10;” or more complicated calculations based on device DPI.

As in our case all size/positions are to be set in code, then I am not sure if using creator will help because we won’t be able to use it for designing etc. I am slightly confused by all the ‘good’ options that cocos2d family gives. Our current project is in cocos2dx c++ and we are reimplementing it in cocos2dx-js for web support using the standalone js engine. Should we instead use the 1) creator or 2) the creator’s js engine (as a standalone engine without using the creator IDE)?


Anothor: You can use utils::captureNode to capture Scene or any other(Node, Sprite, Button, etc) and store to disk with any scale.


@schngrg if you are developing for web games, then i suggest you using creator, things will be easy.


On Android 5+ device, now cocos 3.12 will auto hide the navigation bar, if you use TextField to show a virtual keyboard, then press virtual button to hide the keyboard, the navigation bar will not hide automatically.
the other thread

How to link prebuilt Cocos2D X C++ library to Android Studio project?

How to use android-studio project with precompiled libs? I’ve generated them using “cocos gen-libs”, then I modified “settings.gradle” and placed absolute path to libcocos2dx project. Next, I modified “build-cfg.json” like this:

    "ndk_module_path" :[
    "copy_resources": [
            "from": "../Resources",
            "to": ""

And ofc I’ve removed cocos2d directory from the project.

And I’m getting an error:

make: *** No rule to make target `/Users/piotr/Downloads/GradleTest/', needed by `obj/local/armeabi/objs-debug/cocostudio_static/CCActionFrame.o'.  Stop.
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
[armeabi] StaticLibrary  : libcocos2d.a
make: Leaving directory `/Users/piotr/Downloads/GradleTest/'
Error running command, return code: 2.

What’s missing?

Prebuilt generation not working in 3.13.1 and 3.11.1

Ok, I forgot to modify and add $(call import-module,./prebuilt-mk) (and remove old ones)


Is this a Label / Text bug?
Just testing SDKBOX Google Play on ASUS Nexus 7 (2013).


W/Adreno-ES20: <__load_uniform_float:849>: GL_INVALID_OPERATION
D/cocos2d-x debug info: OpenGL error 0x0502 in /Development/cocos2d-x-3.12/tools/simulator/frameworks/runtime-src/ drawNumberOfQuads 689


@zhangxm when will cocos2d-js support tizen bros???


@Pantoo there is no plan to support cocos2d-js on Tizen.