Cocos2d-x v3.11 released!

Cocos2d-x v3.11 released!
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what do you mean?


i mean The cocos installer brings the v3.10 version, this will be updated to the 3.11 version?


How to upgrade from Cocos2dx 3.10 to 3.11?


I don’t know if this will be updated or not. It is under discussion.


There isn’t an upgrade path. You can simply just overwrite your cocos2d-x with the new one (as long as you have not customized the engine).

If you are using the latest from GitHub, just git pull for the latest.


LOL… I was waiting for v3.11 release but didn’t know what for as I supposed everything is in place :smiley:
So, I think expecting bug fixes and dependencies upgrade is natural in this version.
Thanks to the team.

cocos inbult physics engine is based on chipmunk… so its api or something also has upgraded/modified with this version?


I think we upgraded to Chipmunk 7.0.1 under the hood. This makes our built-in physics engine have all the benefits.


Thank You @slackmoehrle


I mean that you only upgrade the Chipmunk,curl or other modules to new version, but not add any new your own functions or modules, such as easy-to-use UI. you should know what I mean. the old UI component like EditBox is so hard to use. Using it in Windows and android is a bad experience for me.


How to use function random(T min, T max);? And the #include <spine/spine-cocos2dx.h> error with file not found!

Sorry my English.

How to use random(T min, T max);

Awesome and Thanks Team, feeling excited to see chipmunk 7.0.1 here, couldn’t wait more to test out autoploygon features, @slackmoehrle can you please share the full change log, couldn’t find it anywhere.


@yixiaoqingyuz IPv6 supporting is not included in this version. You can refer to this issue for the progress. It just needs to updates libwebsockets if you use v3.10 or above. We will create an announcement after it is finished. I will be fixed in these two days.

@rilaohn is there any issue with Android 23?

@Lazy_Gamer full changelog can refer to this doc.


The new version of physic is really broken and NOT USABLE.
Just try the joints.
Just try the pump.

Neither of them works.
This is really broken.



Show me what you are doing.


Exact step:
compile debug version

using Microsoft VSE 13 with E:\cocos2d-x-3.11\build\cocos2d-win32.sln
run: E:\cocos2d-x-3.11\build\Debug.win32\lua-tests\lua-tests.exe
Select PhysicsTest from the menu
Select Joints they do not work as is.
… Moving any of the object make the whole thing fail.
…This was never great but this is a lot worse.
Select Pump
… The Pump is broken use to work reasonably well.

Very similar problems exist running cpp-tests.exe.

Sorry about that



Sorry, can you be a bit clearer? So you are seeing this running Lua Tests? Are the tests broken, i.e meaning it works in your own project?


Related to Physics Cocos2d-x 3.11 has the damping not working (it was left commented).
I already report the problem here:


I am not ignore you just trying to give it proper feed back.
Could you change setDebugDrawMask not to crash unless _debugDraw is initialized.


void PhysicsWorld::setDebugDrawMask(int mask)
if (_debugDraw && mask == DEBUGDRAW_NONE)

_debugDrawMask = mask;


In an unexpected exit you want to turn off the flag but you cannot find out if it is active.
There is no getDebugDrawMask.



@RetryAgain I’d make a GitHub issue out of this so we can have someone look at it.


In 3.11, on Win32, there is a problem with the screen resolution on restore after minimize. This was working in 3.10.