Cocos2d-x v3.10 released

Cocos2d-x v3.10 released
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I’m using the source now.
But in the next project maybe I’ll switch to prebuilt if the compile process will be faster.

I spend a lot of times compiling, even if I simulate in VS because at the moment is the fastest way to debug under Windows


You can switch to pre-built libraries pretty quickly. Usually you need to link against them and add the headers to your header search path.

When I was using source and needed to upgrade, I simply pulled from GitHub and then re-compiled. This worked for me since I kept cocos2d-x in one place and my projects looked at that location. All my projects upgraded at once because of this.


Ok thank you I’ll give a try to prebuilt :wink:

  • V3.10 still doesn’t support resources( exported from Cocos Studio) json format?
  • When will ActionTimeline support changing skin at runtime?


@slackmoehrle can you answer my question please?: Cocos2d-x v3.10 released just few posts above.


Please be so kind and check my issues thru this link - I guess no point for me to send these separately?

Issues posted by other users also seem quite useful, so you might want to check those out too.

So I’ll PM any new issues to you directly then. Thanks.


I have asked our engineering team to write up integrating with Android Studio instructions.

Up to now, is there any official tutorial setup of using cocos2d-x 3.x in android studio?

I have a 3.4 project. If I want to update my project to use 3.10, do I simply remove my cocos folder and copy a new cocos folder there, or do I need to create a new project and move everything to it?

thanks, you guys do awesome work!


I have question about how can I create Android-studio project from a working project which is created by cocos-studio.
I am using 3.10 as both cocos2d-x SDK and Studio


Nice. Any explanation why we can’t use precompiled version in Android Studio?


I’m new to the cocos ecosystem, I’m a developer with 8 years experience in web development and javascript, I also know python, c++, php and c#.

As a new player in the game. Should I download the Cocos all in one solution or should I download the cocos 2d-x engine only?

Also someone here can point to a good way to start game development using cocos.


And forgive the bad English.


Cocos is a good start to a unified solution. It combines everything you need and compiling will be much faster due to it defaulting to using prebuilt libraries. Use this if you do not care about the underlying source code.

If you want to explore the source code, download either the Cocos2d-x .zip or clone from GitHub.

For getting started, we are rolling out a new documentation site here more and more docs are being moved to here, each week.


If you come from web development , i have easy jump start tutorial for you .
In javascript , for Web, Desktop and iOS .
Check it here :


That’s nice you recommend precompiled version :slight_smile: Why would then answer my question :frowning: ?


lua project builds failed on linux(deepin)


Can you help me with this issue @slackmoehrle, please?

Thanks and best!


@slackmoehrle, I’ve seen the prebuilt feature and it’s great, thank you for suggestion.
I really speed up the build process.

Just a quick question, if I want to create a new project from command line, so without cocos studio, and I want to use prebuilt libs, have I manually prebuild with cocos gen-libs ?
And then manually modify like described here: How to speed up cocos2d-x build with prebuilt lib ?

Or can I create the project using the prebuilt template from commandline?


hey, @slackmoehrle
Are you guys planning to ditch fbx-conv (c3b,c3t formats)?
Isn’t it better to use the standard fbx format?



I have someone writing up Android instructions for me to test and then refine. I am not sure an ETA yet. The China team is celebrating New Years for a bit :smile:


Let me see if I can ask someone for what the plan is.