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Why don’t Cocos2d-x have Slack ? is there any reason of this.


What do you mean? Participate in a Slack channel to answer questions?

I think these forums do great in terms of users communicating with us and each other.


@slackmoehrle yes .its great but I m in Appcelerator Titanium Community channel in Slack. People using more actively than developer center. can find easily answer and hint. and easily chat each other.


Yeah, I can understand that. I just don’t think we have the resources to staff, yet another, community.


Slack dont need admin I think .it can be control under community. maybe you can think for future or give a try :slight_smile:


Like I said, we don’t have the resources to be present on the channel at this time. Maybe that will change someday.


Why not just startup an IRC channel on Freenode. Or Gitter if you’re looking for a more visual medium. I’m not a huge fan of Slack, to be honest, since it’s very segregated and hard to go between groups. That said, feel free to try and start one of your own. Chat can definitely be useful.


We actually tried gitter internally, it has some permissions issues.


What do you need permissions for? Unless you were trying to use it internally. I would expect the only use case of Gitter would be to setup a chat room for repo, someone with repo access. This creates a single chat room for anyone to discuss cocos2d-x at length. I don’t see any need for the community to require more than a single chat room for the public real-time discussions.

If you were looking for a private chat system then I can recommend IRC, Slack, and/or HipChat.

Edit: I probably wouldn’t use the chat very often and prefer async discussion, but I would subscribe and there are rare instances where chat is superior to a forum.


I do agree, chatting and discussing on slack or others group channel would be good idea. From time to time, discussion just pops up and you found new things about using engine to develop the game, technical best practices, or even find quick solutions.


A chat room area for super quick questions about simple code or any random questions is always nice.


We don’t have plans to offer this any time soon.