Cocos2d-x setDesignResolution TmxTileMap scrolling flickering

Cocos2d-x setDesignResolution TmxTileMap scrolling flickering
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When I scroll a cocos2d::TMXTiledMap in native resolution everything is fine but when the whole scene is resized by using setDesignResolution the cocos2d::TMXTiledMap is flickering when scrolled.

This is also the case, when I only scroll by even positions.

For me it looks like, there is a transformation / translation issue.

The tmx tile map is scrolled fine, when I move the map considering the scale factor.

For example: DesignResolution is 960x720, ScreenSize is 1000x750

_posX -= 1.0f * 720.0f / 750.0f;

But, if I do this, the map does not move with correct speed, because it is not moved anymore by 1.0 units on the x axis.

Somebody has a hint how to correct this wrong projection?

Thank you!



has anybody an idea? I think this is really a major issue for a 2D game engine. It’s not only recuced to tiled maps, it also happens if you move a sprite with same speed over the screen. You can see, how the pixels are flickering because the pixel positions are not fitting anymore to the grid.