COCOS2d-x Lua iOS 64 bit problem

COCOS2d-x Lua iOS 64 bit problem

I am building 2d game with cocos2d-x + lua
I compiled my source code by luajit
In Android, everything is OK.
But problem is iPhone.
Apple don’t allow upload game to appstore without 64 bit support.
When I use my luajit code in arm64 support, it is not working.
I am using cocos2d-x 3.3 for my game, it is old game.
Please let me know any precious tips or links
Thank you
Best regards

Need to upgrade LuaJIT to 2.1.x

Can you let me know more details?
Any step by step guide or links will be helpful

you can pick the latest LuaJIT library from cocos2d-x 3.15.1,

and you should provide two lua bit codes, one for 32bit and another for 64bit.