Cocos2d-x and Firebase

Cocos2d-x and Firebase
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Google has just released the new Firebase C++ SDK incl. a new sample app, which uses cocos2d-x and Firebase.

You can read more about it:
Source code:


sounds unbelievable:)


I know, but it’s really true :wink:


Checking repository, bad think only that they modified cocos2d-x structure to something custom - need to spend time to understand how to move this setup to exiting project. But looks very cool, even implemented admob with rewrded videos - so sdkbox team can check for they implementation and do same there.


Or you can do it without the closed source sdkbox on your own.


Thank you very much for a very good news. I get Rewarded Video and advertising banner from Admob; they work ok, but banner is ok if sized 320x50, and is black for any other size.
With SDKBOX I had smart size banner (full screen width). Any hint?


Lol, google beat us this time :slight_smile:


I succeed to combine Firebase Rewarded Video and sdkbox::review; tried to add sdkbox::adMob - no success. Have anyone?

Because I can’t set Firebase adMob banner size as smart banner.


sdkbox admob use smart banner by default, so if you don’t specify the size, it will auto adapt :slight_smile:


Alas I can not combine sdkbox admob and Firebase in one project :frowning:
Error was something like Unknown source file ... drawable-hdpi-v4\common_full_open_on_phone.png: error: Duplicate file.

I succeed to manage Firebase AdMob banner, but it looks very …not so nice as your smart banner :wink:



I add admob rewarded video example. :wink:


In cocos2dx-cpp-sample I found 2 problems (at now):

  1. Banner should be some predefined size (for example 320x50).
  2. If I change this sample to portrait orientation - this sample app may freeze after watching about 1-5 rewarded videos.
    Can you reproduce the second problem?