Cocos2d-x 4.0 vs Cocos2d-x 3.17.2

Cocos2d-x 4.0 vs Cocos2d-x 3.17.2

We are beginning the development of a mobile game and was wondering, since 4.0 was out, is it safe to use it for production. Is 3.17.2 more stable than 4.0. We have been using 3.17.2 until now but was wondering if 4.0 is stable enough for production.

Thanks in advance.

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For our games we use 3.17.2 and it’s going well. I don’t know 4.0

The question is where are you deploying your games to?

If it is just iOS, perhaps use 4.0

If it is iOS and Android and other platforms, perhaps use 3.17.2

I feel 4.0 is pretty stable from my development, but if you are in the middle of writing a game, don’t switch engine versions unless you really need to.

We have just started development @slackmoehrle . We are deploying to android, iOS and Amazon. For now we have started using 3.17.2 but it is still not late to switch to 4.0 if it’s stable enough. I heard 4.0 has no support for sdkbox as well. Is that true?

For now. Yes. I’d stick with 3.17.2.

sorry if it sounds stupid but can I still publish to iOS with 3.16 or 3.17.2 ? Or is there any end date?

The way i see it, apple will continue to have both opengl and metal support for the next few years atleast(fingers crossed). But they will soon move to METAL only. Only then do we have a problem.

@jeevs yes you can. We have developers still publishing games with 1.0.2

True, but the next few years? I’m thinking that is unlikely. We can see in June when Apple announces their next OS and tools.

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Are you sure about that ?

Well I assume that even with COVID-19, Apple is going to still release developer builds.