Cocos2d-x 3.17 onTouchMoved touch.getLocation() crashes on android and ios, works great on web

Hello everyone,

This is driving me crazy, I’ve spent many days trying everything I can think of… Code is much more complicated but here is the compact version below: touch.getLocation is crashing the app (android/ios) after a few minutes play pressing some buttons quickly. Especially on faster phones!

When the line is removed, it does not crash.

Anyone has any suggestions?

var myTouchLoc=null;
onTouchBegan:function(touch,event){return true;},
myTouchLoc=touch.getLocation(); //when I remove this line, no more crashes!
return false;
},myLayer); //myLayer is always on the screen, never removed.

The actual function that is crashing the app is: js_cocos2dx_Touch_getLocation even if it does not call cobj->getLocation();
It is a great, pretty large, app and everything is working perfectly fine except this.
When I remove touch.getLocation() from inside onTouchMoved, no more crashes.
It crashes within a few minutes of touching with many fingers quickly on/off/move
Is there a touch event pipeline to clear? it does not crash on much slower phones.
Please anyone can help?