Cocos2d-x 3.17.1 -> Make sure to update deps!

If you are using Cocos2d-x 3.17.1, update the cocos2d-x 3rd party libraries. Use v3-deps-156.

From your cocos2d-x root:


If you get a version < 156 you can always manually download 156 as a .zip or 156 as a .tar.gz and copy the contents over the top of your cocos2d-x-root/external directory.


what is the command line we run to do this ? (i got 3.17.1 from .zip file and did not clone from github) and why only if we have 3.17.1 do this , older versions update by themselves ?

No nothing updates itself. You can upgrade older versions if you like. You do this wether or not you installed via .zip or GitHub.

The command is stated :slight_smile:

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Do I have to put “cocos” before typing that command ?

no because in “./” the “.py” tells your system to execute this file with software that has registered (in OS config) to be launched on py files which should be pyhton.

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so I just open the terminal and type it in like that or do I have to CD into a directory ?


ok got it figured it out , is there a way to see if we have v3-deps-156 or how are we able to see the version we are using ?

The archive should be saved in your cocos2d-x root

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why is it downloading 153 when I run the script ?

Because it hasn’t been updated. See more here: Can not unzip file with cocos::ZipFile(filePath)

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ahh ok I see, I don’t have to recreate my project right the new updated libs will automatically be included since I replaced the old ones with the new ones ?

This is true

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1 last question, I was looking through the old external folder and seen a “config.json” file and the new 156-libs doesn’t have a “config.json” file is this ok or its missing ? want to make sure before I replace existing external folder with new libs

It’s fine.

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