Cocos2d-objC project to cocos2d-x

Cocos2d-objC project to cocos2d-x
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Dear cocos2d-x community,

I have made a project in cocos2d objective-c. Now I would like to access android market. To enter this market I have to rewrite my project into cocos2d-x. Certainly I would pay for such a job, so if you are interested feel free to send me a message so I can share more details.



Unless your game is really simple I image that this could be an undertaking. Objective-C to C++. It would be a good learning experience I’d say. You should do it yourself! It would set you up to be more comfortable making cross-platform games in the future!


I don’t have the time to do it- but if you’re a programmer I’d agree with @slackmoehrle and do it yourself.

That’s how I learned C++!!!


@Maxxx I am actually creating a next project in objective c. At the beginning I was creating exclusively for iOS, but would like to try android market with my first game. Probably I will jump into c++ but now like I mentioned I can’t. That is why I asked here for help and certainly time costs, so I want to pay for such a work. I think it’s fair, cheers :slight_smile:


Fair enough - wish I could help!



Please send me more about job to my email: Thanks.


Hi @dummy

The project seems to be very interesting and I would like to meet up over skype to get some clarifications.
Feel free to reach me through skype, my ID is Lluis.vilaplana.starloop or by email:


Lluís vilaplana