cocos2d-js tutorial down?

cocos2d-js tutorial down?
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I just went to visit the cocos-2jd tutorial…

and it comes up with the following error:
404 Not Found

Have these tutorials been taken down or is it just site maintenance?


I guess as discussed in documentation thread, outdated docs will be discarded while relevant documentation will be brought to new documentation. I guess @slackmoehrle could clarify more on this.


I agree it was a little outdated, but most of what was on there seemed perfectly relevant and still works. It’s certainly better than the video tutorial which are tedious and take ages to get to the point (there’s an entire 5:19 tutorial on using ‘moveTo’…)

P.S. If the tutorials have been taken down for the aforementioned reasons, I think also needs removing


Update: it looks like the official programmers guide now includes both C++ and JavaScript code snippets :smile:


Yes, in some chapters so far. I am working on adding JavaScript to the remaining chapters.


the JS tutorials are broken, the server team is looking into this it is a configuration issue. The new server is not quite setup I think to handle the rendering of straight markdown. The old server was. It should be fixed soon.


I was halfway through the tutorial series when the website went down.

Parkour Game Tutorials of Cocos2d-html5 v2.2.x

  • Cocos2D HTML5 tutorial 1: Setting up Cocos2d-HTML5 Development Environment

Please fix it. Thanks


How do I contribute to the programmers guide, is there a github repo? I can provide JS code snippets for chapter 5 and chapter 8 (likely chapter 6 soon too)


Fantastic. I could use the help. The repo is here:


This has not yet been fixed, but I tried to mirror some of the content here:


For now you can access those tutorial by and search the url that you wan to see.

For instance click this link to see it.


Yes, these do not exist anymore.