“cocos2d is ambiguous” error in Visual Studio 2022

Im not sure if this problem was resolved in future build of Cocos2d-x, but in vs2022 the CPP code is full of red lines everywhere and no matter what I do and what solutions I look at ("cocos2d is ambiguous" error in Visual Studio) the red lines still remain. But the project does build without any error.

Is anyone else facing a similar issue? Because of this I have to work on the mac. I can do that when I am home, but when I am at work and we use only use windows machines here it is demotivating to work with all these errors popping up.

I am using cocos2d-x version 3.3 (I know) … and I am using VS 2022.

Upgrade cocos2d-x version. (I know it’s hard.)

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Thanks!! After much struggle upgraded the project to 3.17. Wasnt that bad… let see if something breaks in about a month :slight_smile:

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You can try axmol also: axmolengine/axmol: Axmol Engine – A Multi-platform Engine for Desktop, XBOX (UWP) and Mobile games. (A radical fork of Cocos2d-x-4.0) (github.com)

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