Cocos2d + cocos2d-html vs Cocos Creator

Cocos2d + cocos2d-html vs Cocos Creator


Our team is planning to develop new 2d-games. We want to publish them in mobile stores and web platforms. Now we’re looking for a decision on what software is better to use.

We have many developers and the best way for us is a collaborative development. But Cocos Creator has problems with scene merging. Also we don’t like GUI of editor :slight_smile:

Our team wants to use cocos2d with cocos2d-html, but cocos2d-html development is frozen for a long time and isn’t developed as a standalone project.

We want to know if there is any reason to use cocos2d + cocos2d-html instead of Cocos Creator?


I don’t think Cocos2d-html is going to see any further work. Cocos2d-js is also, probably, in this same state. The focus is for everyone to use Cocos Creator if you are using javascript.