Cocos2d 3.17.1 js android build fails


I’ve downloaded cocos2d 3.17.1 and created new js project.
Build for android fails:

cocos compile -p android
ninja: build stopped: .
ninja: error: mkdir(engine/external/android-specific/cpufeatures/CMakeFiles/ext_cpufeatures.dir/C_/dev/libs/android-ndk-r17/sources/android/cpufeatures): No such file or directory

Also tried new C++ project and it builds ok for android.

NDK r17
Android Studio 3.2.1 (latest)
OS: windows 7 x64

@dimon4eg Thanks. I will try testing this on my end.

It builds ok after I moved the js project from

It seems some issue with path, but strange because C++ project builds ok in

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@drelaptop what do you think about this?

the folder structure of JS/Lua project is quite different for C++ project, more deep for JS/Lua, so that easy long path error.

// for `Classes` folder
<path-to-project>/frameworks/runtime-src/Classes // JS/Lua project
<path-to-project>/Classes //