Cocos Studio 2 Feedback

Cocos Studio 2 Beta version was released, you can download it here

Keep in mind Cocos Studio 2 is still under heavy development, and it’s not yet ready for production. So your feedbacks and suggestions are super important to us.

I created this github to help track Coocs Studio 2 feedback and issues

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Hey, I like the Studio so far. But I have real trouble understanding your roadmap and how I could help. Your naming, versioning and placement of your software is so confusing…
I can download the “Cocos Studio” from and also from where it is just called “Cocos”. While the “Cocos Studio” fails if I want to generate a cocos2d-x project the “Cocos” from works.
You have an issue tracker on github for “Cocos Studio 2.0 Beta” but without any codebase and on this site a roadmap for something called “StudioX 0.3”. Issues partially overlap or are different.

It’s extremly hard to help or participate because your infos are scattered across the web, named and versioned differently… I’d like to help but cant figure out how.


I need tween actions and different types of layouts (vertical horizontal etc)

First off: congrats on keeping this project moving forward!

But now, I was kind of dissapointed that you can only create c++ or lua projects with this new “cocos” editor. Are there plans to incorporate -js support into it?

And what about Cocos Code IDE? I thought this’d include it too but it doesn’t, are there plans to make this an all-in-one IDE+designer?


Yea, I totally agree with that.

We’re in the process of moving all the issue tracking to github, the issue tracking and roadmap on this site should be cleaned up soon.

Moving forward, “Cocos” will be the game development package we’re going to release. And it will come with Studio and Code IDE.

we’re going to merge jsb back into cocos2d-x engine, as soon as that happens we’ll have js support.

All-in-one IDE is always the goal, but it will take a while till we can get there.


I want it too, so it will be there next release.


Hey guys,

Looks pretty well the new Cocos Studio. We are trying to test de animations and the timeline. But I was not able to find any example of how to run it.

I have something like this:

auto rootNode = CSLoader::createNode("Scenes/levels.csb");

cocostudio::timeline::ActionTimeline *timeline = CSLoader::createTimeline("Scenes/levels.csb");

What should I do now? Any example or comment would be helpful.

In lua it’s:

-- load the Scene 
local rootNode = cc.CSLoader:createNode("ShipScene.csb")
-- load the animationstuff    
local action = cc.CSLoader:createTimeline("ShipScene.csb")
action:gotoFrameAndPlay(0, true) -- play animation forever

So I think rootNode.runAction(timeline) and timeline->gotoFrameAndPlay(0, true) should work.

Yep! Finally got it with this code.

Thanks to all!

auto rootNode = CSLoader::createNode("Scenes/levels.csb");

cocostudio::timeline::ActionTimeline *timeline = CSLoader::createTimeline("Scenes/levels.csb");

timeline->gotoFrameAndPlay(0, 620, true);

The latest version (2.0 beta0) doesn’t open on mac if i directly click on the application icon.
I had to go into
Contents>MacOS and click on CocosStudio to launch it.
Please help me fix this.

Can you load resources from a plist file ?

is cocostudio 2.0 beta supposed to work on osx 10.8.5?
seems broken. unable to create/export scenes.
Also can somebody show me how to load the files generated by cocostudio2.0 in cocos2d-x2.2.5 (C++)?

I don’t think you can load files generated in cocostudio2.0 in previous versions to 3.3.

If yes, you should compile editor-support wich is in cocos2d folder.

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Ill’ try it out… Thanks. :smile:

it looks great but how can i make a skeleton animation with this and change runtime the skeleton’s picture (eg.: head, legs etc…)?

Its look great , but we are testing with cocos2d-js, how we can load a csb file in cocos2d-js? We have define in project.json :
“modules” : [“cocos2d”,“cocostudio”,“actions”],
But we can´t find the method/class/function for load it.

We are using cocos IDE .

Thanks in advance

When will cocos studio 2 beta0 updated?

Looking at the milestones in github version 2.0.2 (cocos studio 2 beta2?) should be ready?

I’m running the latest. I updated yesterday.

I see a bug, consider:

auto startButton = static_cast<ui::Button*>(rootNode->getChildByName("startButton"));
startButton->addTouchEventListener(CC_CALLBACK_1(HelloWorld::menuStartCallback, this));

void HelloWorld::menuStartCallback(Ref* pSender)
    std::cout << "pressed the start button" << std::endl;

I see the listener firing twice…

you can use like this:

auto startButton = static_cast<ui::Button*>(rootNode->getChildByName("startButton"));
startButton->addTouchEventListener(CC_CALLBACK_2(HelloWorld::menuStartCallback, this));

void HelloWorld::menuStartCallback(Ref* pSender, Widget::TouchEventType type)
		switch (type) {
		case Widget::TouchEventType::BEGAN:
		case Widget::TouchEventType::ENDED:

This behaviour is normal? I am doing all the time what @lazydevx shows with the TouchEventType.