Cocos releases a new platform for HTML5 devs, Cocos Play

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With the work we have done to build an infastructure similar to HTML5 for Facebook Messenger Games and WeChat mini apps, we are now opening it up to more app developers, allowing game developers to have their games on hundreds of apps all over the world. Learn more from our press release.

Cocos Brings Hypercasual Games To Every App With Cocos Play

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This is interesting. But, I can not find any implementation detail. As a developer, how can I get involve cocos play?

We will be rolling out documentation for everyone soon.

good news , but how we can add our game to this platform?

That’s great. When can we get started? Can you reveal the roadmap?

I will ask the team for a game plan.

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Is that a game streaming platform?

More to come at a later date. The team is working hard on this.

As I understand, Cocos Play is a cloud base platform so that:

  • As an indie game developer I can publish my game to Cocos Play. And my games will be listed in Cocos Play.
  • As an app developer I can integrate Cocos Play to my app. So, my users can play game inside my app.
    Is it right?

@talenguyen you’ve got it.

@slackmoehrle That is so cool! Will you prepare any “tutorial” how to monetize our games with Cocos Play?

I am sure that we will.

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Can the game be played offline?

Hi, I have 2 questions:

  1. Can I host the bundle of my game on my own server instead of Cocos Play cloud service?

  2. When will Cocos Play officially be released?

Thank Cocos Team!

Is this platform available world wide?
For game developers who want to host on cocos play
For app developers who want to integrate cocos play