Cocos product outline

Cocos product outline

Hello Everyone,

I thought it best to explain the state of Cocos products, as it seems a number of similar questions have arisen lately.

Cocos2d-x: v3 continues to receive bug fixes and important updates. v3.18 is planned in the future. v4 will bring Metal support with some other bug squashing. Going forward v4 will most likely be the main branch, replacing v3. Time will help us decide this. There is no visual editor for Cocos2d-x.

Cocos2d-js: is starting to reach EOL. Cocos Creator is the replacement. If you are considering starting a new Javascript project, please use the latest Cocos Creator.

Cocos2d-lua: is stable and fast.

Cocos Creator: is a unified game development environment. Creator provides scene editing, animations, everything you expect from a modern development tool. Cocos Creator does NOT use the same javascript api as cocos2d-js. Cocos Creator supports game creation in Javascript or Typescript. Currently v2.2 is the latest edge release, while v2.1.x is the latest LT release. Cocos Creator is really efficient at allowing developers to deploy to multiple platforms including mobile, desktop, web and mini-games.

Cocos2d-x-lite: is a derivation of Cocos2d-x that provides a runtime environment for Cocos Creator. It is not possible to use Cocos2d-x-lite for game creation.

creator_to_cocos2d-x: is an EOL’d Cocos Creator plugin for exporting the UI of Scenes to c++ source files. This plugin currently only works with Cocos Creator v1.9.3.

Cocos Studio: an EOL’d GUI editor for Cocos2d-x. It is NOT open source and there are no plans to do this for the foreseeable future.

Cocos IDE - an EOL’d IDE environment.

Cocos GUI: an EOL’d project management tool that let you manage Cocos projects.


Only for my understanding:
Cocos2d-x (c++) and Cocos2d-lua have the same code baseline and download package?

Or maybe the better question:
What is different between Cocos2d-x (c++) and Cocos2d-lua?
Is Cocos2d-x (c++) a subset of Cocos2d-lua?

Yes. cocos2d-x and cocos2d-lua share the same download package.

There is no subset. It’s the engine with different languages to interface to it.

I’m glad to hear that ! Thanks !

I’m very interested in updating to the latest cocos as I start work on the next version of Pro Strategy Football (for next August). My game was on 3.16 but suddenly stopped working two weeks before release, and I scrambled to update it to 3.17. I ran into issues on the Windows side, something about resources moving? Anyway, I wound up pulling in some EditBox code from 3.17.2, so I’m really working on a partial 3.17.1, 3.17.2 cocos and probably should get it on one solid code set by March.

Is it worth moving to 3.17.2, just to figure out how I’ll handle resources in a cross-platform manner (my game runs on iOS, Mac, and Windows), or just hold off until 3.18 and/or version 4? I’m inclined to hold off so that I go through the project update only once, so I’m curious if you have a rough time frame on those versions?

Thanks for all you do!

@dogwalker If your development is working fine now, I’d wait and try to upgrade to v4 and see how everything feels. 3.18 is mostly bug fixes, iirc. v4 brings new rendering via Metal on Apple platforms and some other items.

That makes good sense to me, too. When I updated to 3.17.something, that fixed my nVidia problems (newer glfw, I believe). I think I’ll focus on git logic and prioritizing new features for now.

One cool thing over on Steam. Steam now supports easy multiplayer, called “Remote Play Together.” It works great, although I still hope to eventually add turn-based multiplayer.

I honestly don’t think I’d ever have gotten my game on multiple platforms with cocos2d-x!

If anyone hasn’t checked out @dogwalker game, it is pretty awesome. You don’t realize it but if you watch football on tv after playing decisions on plays make a lot more sense to the common person.

@dogwalker also wrote his thesis on this topic:

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