Cocos Is Sponsoring The Gamedev.js Gamejam!

What is the Gamedev.js 2023 Gamejam?

It’s an opportunity for anyone and teams to build the best HTML5 games and win prizes. You can submit as many games as well!

When is it?

From April 13th and 26th

How do I join?

Go to Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - and click “Join Jam”. You must have an account to be part of the event. You can also check the website for more information on the rules for this event.

How big can my game be?

No size requirement. You are in as long as you can get it running in!

Why should I join?

It’s an opportunity to show the gaming community how awesome we are at building games. It’s an opportunity to show off the power of Cocos and bring more developers to our community. We all need your help to grow; this is one way you can do it!

How are you involved?

We’re a sponsor for the event and giving away 10 free cocos store items to those we find the best! It’s a chance at some great items too! So go make some awesome games!