Cocos in cmd doesn't do anything

Cocos in cmd doesn't do anything

Hey All :smiley_cat:
I’ve installed the new cocos version a few days ago: 3.17.2
Managed to successfully compile in visual studio and create new projects.
I have a bat file that creates new projects and when I used it today it actually didn’t do anything… furthermore I don’t see any response in cmd when typing cocos (neither an error).
I’ve run again and restarted my laptop but still the same thing… what could be the issue here?

Here’s the bat file:
SET projName=projectYYY
REM for example com.MyCompany.AwesomeGame
SET projBundle=com.hello.projectYYY
SET projPath=D:\Projects\
cd D:\Cocos2dx\cocos2d-x-3.17.2\tools\cocos2d-console\bin
cocos new %projName% -p %projBundle% -l cpp -d %projPath%

Also here’s a pic of my environment variables, seems everything is there:

Are you creating so many projects you need a batch file to do it? What’s the use case?

@SimonArchNox Have you checked if your Python installation is working?

@slackmoehrle I create a lot of prototypes so thought it would be nice to have this script.
@R101 I have typed python in cmd and the result is just the same.
Eventually I re-installed python and things got back to work again.
Thanks for the help!

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