Cocos Helper - Add Chartboost, AdMob, Google Play etc easily With Video Tutorials With Free Skype Assistance

Cocos Helper - Add Chartboost, AdMob, Google Play etc easily With Video Tutorials With Free Skype Assistance

Introducing; Cocos Helper (v1) by Sonar Systems.

Simplify the process of implementing external frameworks in to your Game/Project, with this detailed guide:

No longer will you struggle and now you can spend more time on the important aspects, actually creating your Games.

Frameworks this guide covers:

Google Play Services (Android)
Facebook (iOS and Android)
Twitter (iOS and Android)
AdMob (iOS and Android)
iAds (iOS)
RevMob (iOS and Android)
Chartboost (iOS and Android)
Gamecenter (iOS)
MoPub (iOS and Android)
Plus we have much more planned for the future.

Good luck with your future endeavours.


Great to know that.
I am sure this would help lot of people in the community including me. :smile:


Thats the plan, please provide feedback once you have used it.

The helper collection surely come in handy, but

what’s the reason behind Android only?

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Great work.
I have one question for you guys, suppose
I am using GooglePlayServices in my project than will my game work in visual studio with neglecting Google play cpp source?


Or i have to put macros to work in win32 like below


I hope you got it what i am asking.

Let me confirm what you are asking, are you saying if you were to create a game which automatically signed into Google Play, it would sign in on Android. But on Windows it wouldn’t sign in but the game wouldn’t crash or anything, so you don’t need to do anything. We hope we correctly understood your question.

Kind regards
Sonar Team

We found Game Center more popular on iOS and Google Play more popular for Android. But we are open to changing it for the future based on the communities feedback.

Yes, exactly. That’s what i am asking for all frameworks.

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Thanks a lot for your work!

I’m a newbie and I’m currently trying to understand what happening in your different folders :smiley:

If you have the time, it could be very interesting to make a video where you explain all the files you have created for implementing one framework.

Are you planning to cover MoPub and other Ad Network? or Is it easy to add other Ad Network?

If I want to use your Cocos Helper, is it possible to add some Ad Network Mediation in it?


Have you seen our setup videos for the different frameworks?

The Sonar Cocos Helper allows you to integrate other ad networks, we will be implementing MoPub in the future along with other networks but our plans for now are to look into migrating the Helper to Cocos2d-JS.

Also we will be creating a video to show you how to integrate external frameworks.

Ad network mediation is something we are looking into for the future but at the moment there is no specific functionality for it within the Sonar Cocos Helper but as it is open source you could implement your own.

Kind regards
Frahaan Hussain - CEO

Yes I have seen your setup videos, for the moment I only added Admob for Android and it was an easy success :smiley:

When I said: “it could be very interesting to make a video where you explain all the files you have created for implementing one framework.”, I mean you can explain in detail what functions are called at each stage of the process (and why). In this way, newbies like me can modify your project if they want to add things (or just if they want to understand what is happening).

However, if you will be creating a video to show how to integrate external frameworks, this may be sufficient to understand what is happening.

Thanks again for all your tutorials!!!
(and I’m waiting for the video to show how to integrate external frameworks :slight_smile: )

PS: Sorry for my english

What we will do is remove one of the frameworks and show how to add that into the Helper which will demonstrate how to add new frameworks.



The cocos helper is amazing, saved lots of time in integrating various frameworks, and the tutorials are also great and too the point…Thanks a lot from the cocos2d-x community…

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This is pretty awesome, thanks for sharing!

You may wana be a little more verbose with your logging though
JNIHelpers.cpp - line 118 :wink:

Thank you for your kind words :smiley:

Will be in the future :smiley:

We have released SDKBOX, a new SDK for integrating ADColony, Chartboost, Vungle and Kochava. Google Anayltics and IAP coming. Here is the website.

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Google Analytics is now available as a part of the Cocos Helper :smiley:

Need a feature then ask :smiley:

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@SonarSystems thanks a lot for Google Analytics!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I saw tweets with the best-score screenshots from some of your games.

I want to do the same, but for fb.

The problem is, how to get such in-game screenshot for further sharing on social?