Cocos CreatorXR - slow development iteration time

The time between making a change and being able to test it with a headset is quite slow at the moment.

  1. make a change
  2. build->make->run
  3. new build is sent to the android device and the game restarts
  4. now you can see your change

Ideally the workflow would be something like

  1. make a change
  2. game is instantly updated live

Hopefully there’s a better workflow I’m just not aware of, please let me know if that’s the case!

I am aware of the XR simulation tools, but they are only really useful for a limited number of use-cases. Art and gameplay changes especially wouldn’t be applicable using those tools.

Some ideas about possible solutions:

  • support WebXR in the web preview
  • support PCVR, and allow it to be triggered in the in-editor game preview and/or the normal pop-out game preview
  • support for live-coding / live-updates. I gather the asset manager is capable of hot reloading assets. Would be great if the editor could take advantage