Cocos Creator vs Cocos2d-x

Hello Cocos community,

Wondering how many people using Cocos Creator vs Cocos2d-x. Would love to hear who uses what and why.


I use cocos2dx simply because I love to code from scratch without having to deal with editors.
Also my area of interest is c++ and there is no plan as far as I know to allow coding in c++ in cocos creator.
I read some threads of how you can do your scenes in cocos creator with the tools it provide and then export to c++ but it is not an appealing workflow for me. I would have considered using cocos creator if c++ was available “natively”, but I don’t think it is going to happen.


I’m using cocos2d-x also mainly because its C++ support which I’m most interested and experienced in.
Also I can adjust & modify the engine whereas Cocos Creator is closed source (not sure if it still is?)

I have been using Cocos2dx from last 10 years, and recently switched to Creator.
Because of no update to 2dx and my main target platform is mobile so update is needed for latest support.
Switching to TS from C++ was no big deal.
All my own existing native-wrapper is working in Creator so no worry for that.
Also editor gives so much ease to complex UI stuffs and lot of other functionality as well.
You can modify C++ code in Creator though but its not that easy.

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I am in the same boat, for most 2D games that indies will make, code will be better than WYSIWYG if you know how to code.

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Definitely that, the community can support Cocos2d-x long after anyone else.

What are the pros and cons in your eyes of using the creator?

From my point of view

  1. If you are coming from Cocos2dx then basic engine architecture is same, so you dont have to learn from scratch
  2. UI becomes very easy
  3. Asset Bundle is plus point
  4. Widget & SafeArea component makes easy to handle multi-resolution with notch
  5. Simulator gives many inbuilt options
  6. HTML5 output
  7. Add pure JS lib for native as well
  8. You can make small 3D games as well
  9. Still you can modify C++ engine easily
  10. You can modify TS engine as well
  11. Still you can easily add Android/iOS code and communicate directly from TS
  12. If you have old Android/iOS native code then you can reuse the same
  13. You can create multiple build-task for ease.
  14. Prefab is good if you know how to use it to minimal efforts.
  15. Inbuilt Animation component
  16. And much more


  1. You can modify C++ engine but if you want to add pure C++ lib then its tough (but possible)
  2. You can make extension but its very hard
  3. Cannot use custom macros same as C++
  4. Size of APK increase compare to 2dx if that matters
  5. You wont feel that you have full control of the engine
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Is there a way to use the cocos-engine/native only as C++ library? Or did anyone tried?

I work with cocos2d-x and need to include my game in an existing ios project.

I manage to export the cocos engine,and my game with it, for versions 3.17 and 4.0 as library, and use it without problems. I want to do now the same for android, and also check if I can export as library the cocos/creator code, and use it like I was doing with cocos2d-x.

That will allow me to keep working my way, and use the updates for cocos creator.

It’s good to know that someone still trying to use the native engine code.

I think this Cocos2d-x fork is promising for who still looking at native C++ engine, this project was called engine-x before.

Related thread in this forum:


Still using x 3.17 with JSB
Same with the rest, no interested in the creator as I coded my own editor already.
Also gone too deep modifying a couple of classes, Creator is not open source.
Programming background, so that be part of the reason as well.
Considering to convert the whole JS code base to c++, but that is a huge job.

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Check wizard fu songbringer game. All in cocos2dx. It is amazing.

Cocos creator still open source, but editor of it is not open source

The core engine of the Cocos Creator Editor is open source. You can modify the engine and still use the same editor.

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Just had a look at it.
It looks really promissing indeed. could that be the future for cocos2dx? I even saw in the highlight that it supports windows video player which is someting I asked a while back and the answer was no for cocos2dx 4.0. It also seems it has a fair amount of people contributing, and the last release was days ago, so it seems to be quite active.
Is that the most popular cocos2dx fork?

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Defo dude, awesome title

I use cocos2d-x simply because I like to write code in c++.
I would consider using cocos creator if c++ was available there.


Same, me too.