Cocos Creator v2.3.2 released, now using Cocos Dashboard

Cocos Creator v2.3.2 released, now using Cocos Dashboard

Cocos Creator v2.3.2 released!

Cocos Creator v2.3.2 is officially released! This update, brings access the new Cocos Dashboard system, which can uniformly help upgrade and manage multiple versions of engines and projects at the same time! It is recommended for all v2.3 developers to upgrade! Please perform the necessary technical evaluation and backups before upgrading.

Yes, you use Dashboard now to Download and manage Cocos Creator


Dashboard for MacOS

Dashboard for Windows

Download Creator from Dashboard

Cocos Dashboard

The Cocos Dashboard serves as a unified downloader and launch portal for Cocos Creator and Cocos Creator 3D engines. Everyone can upgrade and manage multiple versions of Cocos Creator. In addition, unified project management and a creation panel is integrated, which is convenient for everyone to develop projects with different versions of engines at the same time.

Manage projects developed under different versions:

You can choose to use a different version of Cocos Creator when creating a new project:


Bug Fixes

  • [Editor] Fix the problem of importing TiledMap resources when related pictures do not exist
  • [Core] Fixed 3D particle patch facing incorrectly [#6304]
  • [Core] Fix the issue that the textures property of MeshRenderer is invalid after the version upgrade [#6311]
  • [Core] Fixed the issue where the size of the node where Canvas may not be refreshed in time during scene initialization [#6308]
  • [Native] Fix occasional white blocks on native images [#2258]
  • [Native] Fix the issue that the memory of the 3D model rendering component of the native platform may not be released [#2262]
  • [Mini game] Fixed the problem that a large number of audio files failed to load at the same time on the Alipay mini game [#97]

Known issues

  • An error will occur when importing Cocos Studio projects into Cocos Creator v2.3.2. This issue will be fixed in v2.3.3. Developers can temporarily import the project into an old version, if needed, and then upgrade to v2.3.2 for use, or use a custom engine and incorporate this change [#6278]


  • Starting with v2.2.0, we no longer recommend using the Skew feature of Nodes. Skew is usually used to simulate 3D effects in 2D engines. With Cocos Creator’s in-depth support for 3D nodes, Skew effects can be completely achieved by using 3D nodes. Backward compatibility will be maintained for a period of time, developers can continue this original practice, in the old project. In the future, we will further improve the compatibility method and upgrade cases, and officially choose to remove the Skew function.

Upgrade Tips

Upgrading a project from a previous version of Cocos Creator is irreversible. Please backup the old version of the project before upgrading.

Projects under development can usually be upgraded seamlessly, but because of the uniqueness of each project, developers should conduct a technical evaluation based on their project’s own needs. If developers encounter difficulties in upgrading, please feel free to give us feedback and we will try our best to assist. In addition, due to stability considerations, it is recommended that projects that are about to be launched or already launched be upgraded with caution.

Upgrade from < v2.3.0 version

If a Can not find module.module for path… loading warning occurs:

After upgrading to 2.3, this warning may be due to the stricter case detection of the import/require paths in the script. In the old version, if the case of the path does not match the actual file, there may be some potential errors which may not be manifested. We recommend that projects experiencing this issue correct the capitalizations.

Since v2.3.0, Android and Android Instant use the same build template, please note:

  • If the code is used solely by the Android platform, please put it in the app/src directory, and the third-party library used by itself, please put it in theapp/libs directory.

  • If the code and third-party libraries used by Android Instant are separate, please put them in the game/src, game/libs directories.

  • For code and third-party libraries shared by Android and Android Instant, please place them in the src and libs directories under the root directory, respectively.

  • under the root directory jni/, jni/, mainly used to configure engine-related configuration, developer configuration, it is recommended that Android be placed in app/jni/ and app/jni/, Android Instant, please put in game/jni/ and game/jni/

  • When Cocos Creator compiles for Android, it will execute assembleRelease/Debug by default, and when compiling for Android Instant, it will execute instant: assembleRelease/Debug.

In addition, when Cocos Creator compiles for Android, it will execute assembleRelease/Debug by default, and when compiling Android Instant, it will execute in``stant:assembleRelease/Debug.

If you have customized the pause logic when switching between audio background and background, please remove it after upgrading to 2.3.0 Currently Cocos Creator games automatically pause and resume audio internally when switching between front and back on all platforms. If the developer has customized this block before, and listens for and performs audio operations like cc.audioEngine.pause()/resume(), it may conflict with the engine’s default behavior. If you encounter related audio issues, simply remove the corresponding custom code.

Upgrade from version v2.0 – v2.3.0

Starting from 2.3.0, the Canvas component is no longer responsible for setting the Canvas node size to the screen size. This behavior will be implemented in conjunction with the Widget component. To ensure compatibility, after the 2.0 project is upgraded, the node where Canvas is located will automatically add Widget components. (No problem upgrading from a 1.0 project)

Upgrade from < v2.2.0

Starting from 2.2.0, we have strengthened the memory management mechanism, and now require users to dynamically create cc.Node which is independent of the scene node tree through code must be released through destroy(), otherwise the engine cannot know when to recycle this type The memory of the node will cause a memory leak.

  • In addition, the nodes that are manually removed from the scene need to be unified when they are not needed.
// Assuming testNode is a node in the scene, if it was manually removed from the scene before, such as
testNode.parent = null;
// or
// or
// If testNode will be used again in the future, there is no need to manually destroy the node
// otherwise it should be called manually
  • If a node is managed via cc.NodePool, it is not affected.

Upgrade from < v2.0

If you open the 1.x project, all resources such as scenes will be upgraded automatically. If there are warnings or errors in the code, you can refer to v1.10.0 Resource Upgrade Guide and the v2.0.0 Upgrade Documentation.

Just in case

Note: If you prefer not to use Dashboard now, you may still download Cocos Creator v2.3.2 for MacOS and Windows


@slackmoehrle Hi, I am not able to download dashboard, can you please tell me where else can i download it or any link? thanks

Why doesn’t it download?

it’s not loading at all…this is what i get

How are you getting to that link?

from official site

Why are you posting in this thread then?

I am on a Mac and that download works. I dont have a way to test Windows except to go see if that file exists on the filesystem

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this page says that it release so i thought people will tell me why this is happening and i wasn’t sure that it’s only problem or someone else also getting it

yes i am on windows… and i have been trying to install it for last two days…can please tell me where else can i download it

That is the only place it exists.

but you can use a different URL:

Both point to the same place.

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thank you very much… this link worked… where did you get this link? so in future if can’t download may be i can get from there :slight_smile:

I maintain that server so I know what the file system setup is.

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works for me…

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ohh okay thanks again :slight_smile: for helping me out… i thought it alternate site and don’t know about it :sweat_smile:

for me still not working :sweat_smile: this link

thanks, I’ll show engineering your screenshot and ask them to see what possible reasons might be.

yeah okay :slight_smile:

what country are you in? @parth3535 sometimes where are country wide blocks or outages in specific regions of the world.

i am from India, yeah could be possible.