Cocos Creator v2.2.2 released!

Cocos Creator v2.2.2 released!

Cocos Creator v2.2.2 released!

The Cocos Creator team has worked hard to release v2.2.2. A big THANK YOU! to all the developers that upgraded to previous versions of v2.2 and provided feedback to help continue to make Cocos Creator a preferred tool is creating multi-platform games. Your encouragement and feedback keep us motivated and provide confidence to make the decisions to move Cocos Creator in the direction to become the number 1 choice in game development environments. Cocos Creator allows developers to enjoy creating amazing games and distributing them to a variety of platforms. Cocos will, as always, optimize the performance and user experience of our products.

It is recommended that all developers upgrade after performing the necessary technical evaluations and after upgrading their existing projects for safe-keeping. Please do not skip these steps.

What’s New

Cocos Creator v2.2.2 is intended to fix defects and improve product stability. Please see below for a subset of improvements.

Upgrade Instructions

  • If you open the 1.x project, all resources such as the scene will be automatically upgraded. If there is a warning or an error, please refer to 1.10.0 Resource Upgrade Guide and 2.0.0 Upgrade Documentation to make adjustments.
  • 2.0, 2.1 Projects can be upgraded directly and seamlessly.
  • Starting with 2.2, we have enhanced the memory management mechanism. Now the cc.Node that is dynamically created by the code and independent of the scene node tree must be released by destroy(), otherwise the engine doesn’t know when to recycle such nodes. In addition, nodes that are manually removed from the scene need to unify destroy when they are not needed. If the node is managed via cc.NodePool, it is not affected.
    // Suppose testNode is a node in the scene, if it was manually removed from the scene, such as
    testNode.parent = null;
    // or
    // or
    // If testNode will be used again later, there is no need to manually destroy the node.
    // Otherwise it should be called manually



Release Notes

v2.2.2 fixes:

  • Fix a possible memory leak issue with Spine, DragonBones, and particle systems on native platforms [#5905]
  • Fix possible memory leak when using RichText with Outline [#5906]
  • Fix the problem that WeChat mini game may not end when loading multiple audios at the same time [#57]
  • Fix the problem that calculateDeltaTime may endlessly loop after the WeChat mini game is cut back from the background [#e222465]

For previous v2.2.x release notes, please review:


Thx for the info. Appreciate the regular updates. I hope the previous bugs i reported, are gone now :innocent:

It seems the bugs i reported are stil there (font - CHAR) and compatibilitywith 2.xx Projects. If anybody else can confirm this, it would be great to report it here, too. I will investigate furthermore into this, to be more sure, to find a workaround.

Okay…i investugated a lil bit into the “label” thingy. You can switch the “cache mode” from a label to: none -> bitmap -> char. As i mentioned, “char” does not work. But it works if it is a “2D-node”. If you change the label-node from 2D to 3D and you have cache-mode “char” selected, it disappears. None & bitmap works. Only char doesnt work. But this worked in the previous version. So it would be great to see this fixed