Cocos Creator v2.1.3 released!

Cocos Creator 2.1.3 released!

Since the release of Cocos Creator 2.1.0, after six months of update iterations, the version has stabilized, and the new users of 2.1 are now in the mainstream. Therefore, we plan to reduce the maintenance of the 2.0 version, focus our efforts on 2.1 and 2.2 development, and strive to make Cocos Creator a more focused, open and healthy open source platform.

Cocos Creator v2.1.3 optimizes the experience and fixes bugs. It is recommended for all v2.0 and v2.1 projects in development. to upgrade.

What’s New?

Support iOS 13

To support the upcoming iOS 13 operating system, we replaced the underlying VideoPlayer implementation on iOS native with the MPMoviePlayerController for AVPlayerContoller [#1831], at the same time, the underlying WebView with UIWebView for WKWebView was replaced. [#1837].

Release Notes


  • Add fault tolerance to the component’s onLoad, start, update, lateUpdate functions to better handle exceptions thrown by user scripts. [#4941]

  • When you preview particles in the editor, the particles in the child nodes under the current node will be played synchronously, which is convenient for art. (In the editor, the particles in the child nodes under the current node are played simultaneously for easy art viewing).

  • Improve the behavior of dragging resources into the scene for creation (Improve the behavior of dragging resources into the scene for creation)

  • Add the option Packable in the Property inspector to see if the image can be dynamically combined. It solves that custom shaders can’t get the original UV. For details, see Texture:packable.

  • Allow double-click on the json asset in Assets panel in the resource editor

  • Set the texture type to RAW by default when importing the plist atlas when importing plist atlas

  • Add Vec4 type support to Properties panel in the Property inspector.

  • Improvements creator.d.ts Type hints (Improve some creator.d.ts type hints)

  • Optimized Label’s SHRINK dynamic layout, while supporting CHAR mode (Optimize the SHRINK dynamic layout of Label and support CHAR mode)[#5223]

  • Avoid performance overhead when calling Texture2D.update multiple times [#5198]

  • Upgrade V8 to 7.5 on Android.

  • VideoPlayer is available to WeChat Mini Game.


  • Fixed an issue that rotation data in AnimationClip will be lost after upgrading from v2.0

  • Fixed an issue where the rotation of the scene and nodes in Prefab at a certain angle was lost after upgrading from v2.0

  • Fixed an issue where some items open on the machine and stopped at the Is importing resources, please wait interface

  • Fixed a problem that compressed texture may be missing after project build (thanks to xu.lidong)

  • Fixed a problem that when a compressed texture’s quality is 100, the builder cannot generate the image file correctly.

  • Fix an issue where script may be misreported after it is moved or renamed

  • Fix Animation editor issue where the timeline editor can’t set Node’s z value

  • Optimized Animation editor Optimized the error handling of the Timeline editor when the state of components, assets, etc. changes

  • Fix an issue where the gizmo is not located correctly in the scene editor

  • Fix the problem where the node rotation can not be undone.

  • Fixed attribute checker settings Camera’s Rect has no effect) [#5294]

  • Fixed an issue where a scene or prefab could not be opened normally after something went wrong with their data in some cases

  • Fixed an issue where RichText or Label components may generate a space at the beginning of a line when after the text that the RichText or Label component fills in the editor is automatically wrapped. The text filled in in the editor is wrapped.

  • Fixed an issue where content is not displayed when the NodeTree and Assets merge into the same panel when fixing the level manager and the resource manager merged into the same panel.


  • Fixed an issue where a scene async loading assets can cause the 3D model can not be displayed [#5071]

  • Fixed an incomplete rendering issue of 3D skeleton animation [#5349]

  • Fixed problems that requestAnimFrame related error may occur when the engine is initializing [#5248]

  • Fixed an issue where dynamic stitching would cause texture edge pixel anomalies in certain situations (thanks to unace)[#5242]

  • Fixed problems that Animation’s “stop” and “lastframe” don’t trigger under certain situations [#5246]

  • Fixed an issue loading a scene with WebView, then the first frame will flash on screen after The scene is switched [#5106]

  • Fixed the problem that the Label** text will still show after the text is empt [#5266] [#5284]

  • Fixed an issue when a Label used with a LabelOutline, Label Overflow is set to SHRINK or CLAMP, and CacheMode is set to CHAR, the node is not sized correctly)[#5145]

  • Fixed an issue where RichText may lose spaces after wrapping [#5116]

  • Fixed an issue where the Sprite component does not support MESH mode [#5195]

  • Fixed an issue where ScrollView, PageView enables Elastic May not bounce back after sliding beyond the boundary [#4894]

  • Fixed an issue with ScrollView’s ScrollBar display unexpected [#5249]

  • Fixed an issue where Layout doesn’t work correctly when it’s scaling less than 1)[#5074]

  • Fixed an issue that the node where the PhysicsCollider is located may report error by modifying the node’s group property in runtime (thanks to HengHuH) [#4949]

  • Fixed an issue where the engine’s built-in assets may have been mistakenly released by the user [#4915

  • Fix an issue where memory leaks can occur when a large number of render nodes are added and deleted [#5025]

  • Fixed node’s targetOff method may not work [#5052]

  • Fixed an issue where an audio instance may have been destroyed by error after more than 32 audio instances are playing At the same time [#5097]

  • Fix the problem with particle coordinate errors in Free mode [#5320]


  • Fixed Label memory leaks on native platforms [#1783] [#1786]

  • Fixed an issue where the EditBox font defaults to white on some Android models [#1778]

  • Fixed issues where EditBox characters is overlapping in input state on Mac and Windows [#146]

  • Fixed an issue where EditBox input emoji on iOS may crash [#1798]

  • Fixed the problem that the EditBox input box position is abnormal when the Canvas adapt mode is SHOW_ALL [ #162]

  • Fixed an audio bug on Android that audios are not paused when locking screen while Notification drawer is Showing [#1788]

  • Fixed an issue on Android with the program that audio still play in the background when the screen is on. [#1785]

  • Fixed an issue where the paused audio is automatically played when game switch from background to foreground [#145]

  • Fixed an issue when changing Spine/DragonBones material on native platforms, position go wrong [#148]

  • Fixed an issue on native platforms where opacity of Spine/DragonBones incorrect at first Frame. [#148]

  • Fixed an issue where VideoPlayer can’t return after fullscreen on iOS [#1800]

  • Fixed an issue where the lock screen will get stuck when VideoPlayer plays on Android when playing on Android [#1811]

  • Fixed an issue where cc.sys.languageCode can’t get full language area code on Android)[#1784]

  • Fixed a problem that failed to call on the Mac Platform when plugin scripts were initializing [#5261]


  • Improve support for IE11. [#5033]

  • Fixed an issue where clicking the EditBox clear button which comes with Edge browser does not trigger the Input event. [#5088]

  • Fixed an issue where EditBox’s text size failed to scale with Node during the input process [#5088]

  • Fixed an issue where audio can’t play on Edge and Baidu browsers [#4910]

  • Fixed a problem where audio might not play on desktop Chrome and Safari [#4991]

  • Fixed an issue where desktop UC browser play WebAudio reports errors [#5048]

  • Fixed the error caused by audio call setTargetAtTime when game runs on Crosswalk [#5281]


  • Discard the convertToWorldSpace function on Node, please use convertToWorldSpaceAR instead.

  • Discard the convertToNodeSpace function on Node, please use convertToNodeSpaceAR instead.

  • Improve the camera’s coordinate conversion API

    • getCameraToWorldPoint is changed to getScreenToWorldPoint and supports 3D Camera

    • getWorldToCameraPoint is changed to getWorldToScreenPoint and supports 3D Camera

    • getCameraToWorldMatrix is changed to getScreenToWorldMatrix2D, only 2D Camera is supported.

    • getWorldToCameraMatrix is changed to getWorldToScreenMatrix2D, only 2D Camera is supported.

v2.1.3(Windows | Mac


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Hello, there!
I made a game with cocos creator. But I can’t build the game project for ipad or iphone.
Why? And can i import cocos creator project to cocos-2D project?
And i’m using javascript and I can’t convert to c++ in cocos creator.
If you have any ways, please help me.
Thank you for my reply.

@WonderGamedesigner Cocos Creator is javascript only. There is a plugin to export to c++ but it is for UI purposes not development.

Is it possible to export from Creator to Cocos2d-X(RC0) with Mental support?

I don’t think the 2 products have converged just yet.

I find error message when I compile in cocos creator.
Like as:
Simulator: AL lib: (EE) ALCmmdevPlayback_open: Device init failed: 0x80070490
I don’t know what it is mean?
Please help me in a short time.
Thank you for your reply.

Hello everyone…

First of all, It could be nice to put such project a little road map inside your website at

What I really like to see in the next version:

  1. Disable the internal folder or make an option in the settings to hide it.
    We are all humans and we some times make mistakes. I accidentally dragged a file or maybe folder and the entire engine stopped working. I had to re-install the engine. Please make an option to hide the core files from the assets explorer.
  2. Currently it is very difficult to make Tween effects programatically (in ts).
    For example, I want to make the following formula to work as easing:
return t<.5 ? 2*t*t : -1+(4-2*t)*t
// where 't' is the time.

However, your code is expecting to receive percentage instead of number between -1 to 1.

  1. I want to see the final result of the material system.
  2. I want more information (please add more docs) about how to create custom components with the vue.js library. Please add an example of a more complex situation that explains for example how to create a list of a custom made object with color, width and size (etc…).
    This would be extremely useful because every time I want to test something I need to exit cocos and open my project again.
  3. Annoying bug fix: Sometimes, when I am changing or modifying my code, the view port of cocos is getting crazy. For example, when I am selecting a node with a size then the view port is making a selection border around it. When I am changing my code the entire border that surrounds the node changes its position to a different location. To fix this I need to zoom out and than zoom in again.
  4. I hope to see more 3D features (like particles?).
  5. Request: can you please add the ability to shoot nodes instead of sprite frames as particles?
    The things that we can do in this case is incredible! For example: I am creating a sprite node with animation that changes the sprite frames. When the particle shoots the sprite node, the node on load is also triggering the animation of that node so we can now shoot a sprite frame animations as particles. BTW, pixi, phaser, game maker and even the damn construct 3 can do that!
  6. Request: Add a magnet tool. For example, I want to drag a node in steps while attaching it to the view port grid. Another example: I have 2 node. I want to drag one of them and so they touch each other completely. Lots of engines do that while pressing CTRL + mouse drag.

Thanks a lot for your efforts by bringing us such a good game engine…

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@hananht did you see this topic? Cocos Creator 2019 Roadmap (updated August 2019)

Thank you for your feedback!!

Hi everyone! How to do collision detection with Animation DragonBone?
I using cocos creator 2.1.3 #JavarScript

I have uploaded new game to AppStore, but still get the warning email: ‘ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage- about UIWebView’? I am using cocos creator v2.1.3.
Any ideas?

We can ask @jare to help with this.

any updates?

Do you have any more information about this from Apple?

I got this error while using v2.1.2 but after upgrade it to v2.1.3 then clean the build dir using xcode it works. I also re archive the build too.

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Latest version: Cocos Creator 2021 and beyond!!