Cocos Creator v2.1.0 released! (Hint: 3D)

Cocos Creator v2.1.0 released! (Hint: 3D)

I was not able to unzip. After debugging i have found the solution.I have downloaded 7-zip for extracting cocos exe.


@rohitk What were you using before to unzip? Just the built in Windows tools?


Yes , Default windows tool is not able to unzip.


Ok let me talk with QA


Link error due to an uppercase letter slight_smile:


Hi, I’m late a bit but great job for this update. The 3D feature is useful for background environment for me. Thanks! :smiley:


Hi. Is 3D not supported in web build? I don’t see 3d rotation in the web build even though I can see it in the editor.


On left side of every node name you have button “2.5D”. After click it you can set 3D transform. This also changes some components behaviour, for example camera.