Cocos Creator v2.0 released!

Cocos Creator v2.0 released!

After a large-scale underlying refactoring and a two-month stability iteration, Cocos Creator v2.0 is finally available. The core goals of the Cocos Creator v2.0 design were twofold:

  • Significantly improve the engine performance
  • Provide more advanced rendering capabilities and richer rendering customization’s

In order to accomplish this goal, we completely rewrote the underlying renderer, which structurally guarantees performance improvements and upgraded rendering capabilities. At the same time, in order to ensure that user projects can be upgraded more smoothly, we have almost no changes to the API of the component layer. Of course, these changes are not completely transparent to the user, such as the engine loading process, the event system, the streamlining and reorganization of the engine’s overall API, which will have an impact on the user-level API.


  • Implemented premultiply alpha, filter mode, wrap mode configuration of Texture
  • Abstract the mixed mode configuration into the RenderComponent component base class, all render components can be configured
  • Camera component upgrade, as a direct rendering entry, you can configure various base rendering parameters
  • With Quick Compile integration, the custom engine only needs to use the menu’s developer options -> compiler engine to compile quickly in a matter of seconds
  • Open the WeChat game open data domain as a publishing platform with a separate publishing panel


  • Add a new renderer based on the 3D engine
  • Render component is fully upgraded
  • Remove the render tree completely, assemble the render data directly and submit the render by the render component
  • Streamlined cc namespace API
  • Streamline Director API
  • Camera component upgrade
  • Start process upgrades, user scripts and plugin scripts can more easily interfere with engine initialization
  • Platform-specific startup code is separated and easier to customize
  • Event system optimization, distinguishing between system events dispatched by the capture bubbling mechanism on the node tree and normal events directly dispatched
  • Fit Width & Fit Height is also compatible with the WeChat game platform.
  • The RenderTexture resource type has been officially added to save the rendered content captured in the camera.
  • Simplify TiledMap functionality to pave the way for subsequent upgrades
  • Physical engine upgrade, performance optimization

Deletions and deprecations

  • A large number of private and non-core APIs for v1.x have been removed or discarded. For details, please refer to the upgrade guide and deprecated

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Oh wow, right on the heels of 1.10. Can’t wait to check it out!

BTW: I get a 404 on the link to the v2.0 Upgrade Guide.

Yup, I see that. I am fixing it.

Any plans to improve Cocos2d HTML5 engine render? It’s too slow if we compare with phaser.

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Thanks for the new features!!

ps: Visual Studio Code snippet hasn’t been updated yet.


New docs tomorrow.

I’ll ask but I don’t know that we suppor VSCode anymore. I could be wrong.

In case it is not supported anymore, let’s hope that not happens, what editor is or will be supported to get compatibility back?


Thanks for update :slight_smile:

I can’t run it on MacOS 10.13.6.

I use cc.view.setFrameSize and output display “Uncaught TypeError: cc.director.getProjection is not a function” :frowning: . How to set frame size in v 2.0 ?

It have a bug with Label and use Bitmap Font. Please check.

Thanks for the update!

I seem to be having a problem with Spine animations in 2.0.0:

  1. They don’t fully display in the scene view
  2. The animations don’t play correctly

I’ve uploaded a gif/video of spine boy (one of the animations that comes with Spine) working fine in 1.10.0 and not working in 2.0.0

MacOS 10.13.6
Safari 11.1.2
Spine 3.6.53 (Pro)

Am I doing something incorrect?

It’s no problem for me, as I’ll stick to 1.10 for now :slight_smile:

Did it download completely? It works for me on 10.13

Importing sdkbox fails when building Android.

@yinjimmy can you help with the SDKBOX issues?

@jare can you look at the post by @Immitis, please.

i can’t wait to use this on my own projects,

unfortunately my business cannot move to 2.0 because asset loading is so different :frowning: we lose backwards compatibility with older games that were engineered to be part of a series with a custom Engine framework around CC

How about right clicking on the dmg file and select Open?