Cocos Creator v2.0.4 launched with Google Play Instant support!


Cocos Creator v2.0.4 with Google Play Instant support!

The Playtime Conference hosted by Google Play was held in Germany on October 18th, 2018. The BIG NEWS: In partnership with Google, Cocos Creator v2.0.4 was released, supporting Google Play Instant games.

Google Play Instant and Cocos

In March of this year, Google showed Google Play Instant, a game store-based distribution solution called Search Instant. For the player, they are allowed to try the game before deciding to download the full version of the game, which greatly saves their device storage space. For developers, it means they can offer a demo experience to players who wouldn’t have installed these games, which in turn will increase the game download conversion rate.

Google Play Instant offers a higher APK size limit (10MB), support for progressive downloads for both executable code and game assets, allowing developers to use the NDK and game engine with existing toolchains. In order to make instant apps and games easier to build, as a Google Play Instant technology access partner, in May of this year, the Cocos engine began to do integration testing with Google and beta users of the Cocos community.

Developers only need to select Google Play Instant as the publishing platform to automate all technical docking of the Google Play Instant platform. The output is compatible with Google Play Instant. Technically-standard games, quickly launched on Google Play Instant for testing, greatly reducing development costs.

Release Notes

v2.0.4 only adds Google Play Instant Support, no other changes from v2.0.2.

Documentation is here

Download: Windows or macOS


Realy thats all? Google Play Instant Support… and therefor a version jump from 2.0.2 to 2.04.
I tested the new version and there is realy no bugfix. Opacity of text under windows still not working. Apps build for mac still not working on Mojave. And a lot of other minor but critical bugs reported here.
I’m speechless.

Is there any for iOS?

There are more versions coming. GPI has been in development for a long time (since 1.x) and was finally ready. That was the whole goal of 2.0.4 it was never intended to add features.

Any of what for iOS?

Any idea how this can be used for the C++ framework or is this a Cocos Creator only feature?

PS: More important for game could be Dynamic Delivery, because this can be used to reduce the feature set of the basic app and with IAP we can load the other components on demand.

I think more important is iOS. Everyone cloned their notch, but this feature is not in the App Store, so it’s not what real developers need.

What? Because iOS doesn’t offer this feature, you say it’s unimportant? I disagree. More devices runs Android, so you should implement features for that platform. But I don’t want to feed trolls.

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I still don’t follow your thoughts at all. Can you be more clear about what you want.

i hope it should fixes the previous version bugs ,

Nothing between 2.0.2 and 2.0.4 has changed except Google Play Instant support.

Thanks for the hard work. Is there support or is there going to be support for Google Play Instant on cocos2dx c++ ?

I think we are just working on Creator integration at this time.