Cocos Creator v1.9.3 released

Cocos Creator v1.9.3

Cocos Creator v1.9.3 is a minor upgrade to the recently released v1.9.2. It mainly improves the support for WeChat games and QQ play. It is recommended that all 1.9 users update the engine version to get a better experience as this release also improves quality and careful polishing. Thank you very much for the feedback from developers on the forums, GitHub, Cocos technical services and other channels.

Animation editor

  • Fix where the data may be incomplete when the animation editor saves the animation.
  • Fix where directly editing the texture animation will report an error
  • Fixed an issue where the animation editor could not add width and height properties under size

WeChat game

  • Fixed an issue where only a single audio can be played on WeChat games and the number of audio plays is limited.
  • Fix that WeChat mini game audio can’t stop
  • Fix gravity sensing direction and wrong value in Android WeChat game
  • Fix not being able to submit a TypedArray format texture in WeChat games
  • Fix that the frame rate is abnormal on the old WeChat
  • Improve WeChat mini game video playback support
  • Downward compatible with WeChat games 1.7.4 version base library

QQ Play

  • Fix only play a single audio and the number of audio playback is limited
  • Fix unable to operate the engine object during the game loading process
  • Fix particle play card dead problem
  • Fix a semi-transparent text will be rendered into a black question


  • Fixing DragonBones’ repeated assignment of bones on native platforms can cause crashes
  • Fix manually clearing the texture data of Dragon DragonBones


  • Fix text box for Web and Android platform Input Flag is invalid
  • Fix Label rendering related issues
  • Fix’s EVENT_HIDE and EVNET_SHOW callbacks may be called multiple times


Windows and Mac


Btw, did you fix this issue at new version?

Hi, @slackmoehrle, link for Windows is broken (the “v” letter in version number is excess) .

@slackmoehrle: could you recommend Android Studio configuration/version to build on android?

Fixed. Not sure why the naming scheme changed. Thanks.

@slackmoehrle: How can I use CCSpriteBatchNode in cocoscreator?

Can you replay the forum?


Thanks. I asked our engineering team to help with a reply to your question.

Hi, thanks for the update. But I guess in this version add clip option in animation window is not available. How can we add clip in animation window. Please help.