Cocos Creator v1.9.1 released

Cocos Creator v1.9.1 released


Cocos Creator v1.9.1

Cocos Creator v1.9.1 is a minor upgrade to the recently released v1.9.0. The detailed changes are:

WeChat Games

  • Support for publishing the entire project to the WeChat mini game sub-domain. For details, please refer to [document] (
  • Support WeChat game configuration in the build panel ** Remote server address ** option to facilitate the download of remote resources
  • Support for using TTF fonts on WeChat mini games
  • Switch the adaptation layer of the WeChat game from ES6 to ES5, users can not enable ES6 to ES5
  • Fix potential audio memory leak in WeChat game

QQ Play

  • Support QQ to play in the build panel to configure the remote server address option to facilitate the download of remote resources.
  • Fix some minor bugs in XMLHttpRequest with QQ
  • Fixed an issue where the js path could not be resolved during QQ build
  • Perfect QQ play with multi-touch support
  • Added QQ support for base64 encoded images
  • Perfect QQ Play Adaptation Layer
  • Perfect audio support for QQ
  • Fixed black screen issue after QQ checked MD5 Cache

Other Updates

  • [Editor] [Build] Bug fix for custom project build template functionality not working on the Facebook Instant Games platform
  • [Editor] [Build] Add build-start event to make it easier for users to do some processing before they build
  • [Engine] [Wechat] Fixed an issue where WeChat game audio could not be stopped
  • [Engine] [iOS] Fix the issue that the isTypedArray method fails on iOS 8-9
  • [Engine] [Web] Fixing particle system will remove memory if it is not activated yet
  • [Engine] cc.isValid adds an optional argument. Passing true will return false at the beginning of the destroy frame.
  • [Engine] [Android] Fix a Memory Leak on jni


  • As of v1.8.2, cc.eventManager is no longer recommended. Use cc.EventTarget or cc.systemEvent instead. The original API will be removed in 2.0.
  • As of v1.8.2, cc.inputManager is no longer recommended. Use the same interface as cc.systemEvent instead. The original API will be removed in 2.0.
  • As of v1.8.2, dragonBones.CCFactory.getFactory is no longer recommended. Please use dragonBones.CCFactory.getInstance instead. The original API will be removed in 2.0.


  • When copying and pasting resources in the explorer, the resource properties will not be copied. (Since 1.9.0)

QQ Play known issues:

QQ is still playing in the grayscale test, developers also need to obtain internal testing qualifications for development, and only supports compiling on Mac for the time being. In addition, our adaptation work for QQ has not been completely completed yet. The following modules are currently not supported:

  • Label: TTF is not supported, system font can only use the default font
  • Particle system: Map data is not stored in plist. Only support map URL
  • WebView
  • VideoPlayer
  • DeviceMotion

The above functions are expected to be supported one by one in future updates. We will also continue to closely communicate with the Play engineers and continue to optimize the fitting effect.


v1.9.1 Mac

v1.9.1 Win


Cocos Creator is a GUI editor that uses JavaScript under the hood. You can export your UI to c++ if you prefer. The c++ exporting recently underwent improvements and it’s pretty useful if you are a c++ developer.


You can build native ios and android apps with Creator using JavaScript. It isn’t only for web based games.


Then don’t use it. Just code as you normally would.


this looks great! though it begs the question: is 3d support still on your roadmap? and if so, is there a rought eta?


We have a whole team of developers working on 3D. I don’t know the ETA yet. @jare do you know?


The runtime alpha of 3D ENGINE will release before July. The whole product (including editor) will release before Aug, if only we can hire enough front-end developer.


more than happy to to put you in touch with some people (also based out of china) - there a way to pm or spin up an email thread? otherwise will pop into the discord channel


But we have forums here why do you need to discuss outside of these forums?


Awesome!! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


better if in a more conversational format


I tried to compile my old game added AdMob with 1.9.1.
It complied successfully but it shows black screen and occur an error AdMob plugin undefined when it run on device.
I have experienced it at 1.7, 1.8 but I fixed this issue but it cannot be fixed with the same way at 1.9.1.