Cocos Creator v1.7.2

Cocos Creator v1.7.2
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if you want, try the latest beta here:

It contains a lof of bugfixes.

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FPS issue based on the size of the canvas

That is correct, it also fixes issues with tilemap. However, it has MAJOR perfomance issues on HTML5 (WebGL). My game has 60fps with 1.5.2 and is dropping to 25-29fps with 1.7.2. This is really bad, and Im not sure what they did, but performance is terrible. I have to say, Im really frustrated with Creator since 1.6. There are a lot of issues, bugs and performance problems.

Here there are 2 screenshots of a small animated intro (it is not even a game, just a bunch of animated sprites with music).

Version 1.5.2 (60 fps)

Version 1.7.2Beta2 (28-30fps)

@slackmoehrle I would appreciate if you can ask anyone in the team if they noticed performance issues.
My computer


There are too many critical bugs and issues when we get a major release. For release products I’m still using 1.6.2, I wasn’t brave enough to upgrade to 1.7.x. When all bugs - and such performance problems - are gone, I will upgrade. But anyway, I love Cocos Creator. :slight_smile:


No problem. I have pinged the engineering team and asked if someone can take a look.


I’m really confused about the version handling… what is this? Is 1.8 already available for download while 1.7.2 is still is beta version?

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I can confirm 1.8 is way faster than 1.7.2 and the bugfix from 1.7.2 are NOT included in 1.8.
So either they fixed the performance problems in 1.8 or they are directly related to bugs fixed in 1.7.2.


Hi @jrosich,

thanks for the info! It’s good to know that v1.8 works fine (at leats the performance is fixed)! :slight_smile:

Maybe 1.8.1 will contain the bugfixes from 1.7.2…

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Actually I found a bug related to tilemaps. getTiles() function doesn’t work on iOS. It triggers an error. Not sure if already happens on Android too, but Android works fine and my iOS build is broken. Already reported it on github. I guess if you dont work with tilemaps, its ok.


Thanks for reporting the bug. I feel that there are too many bugs in every release… :frowning: There should be some kind of quality testing BEFORE releasing a new version.


it’s a small team of devs and they probably can’t test all user case scenarios on their own

I also found some performance issues with particle effects that went away when i deleted the ParticleSystem node in my scene and then added it back in


1.7.2 is released Cocos Creator 1.7.2 patch released!


1.7.2 still has performance issues. See my post above… webGL framerate has been halved. Canvas is performing better sometimes. Do you know why is that?

Edit: im talking about Web. Android/iOS is fine.


do you have particle systems in your project?

I encountered an issue where particles were drastically impacting performance and all I had to do was remove the node, then add it back in


Here is the final version:


I’ve read your post. No particles yet in my project. Im leaving the beautify work by the end of the production.


Have you tried to profile the game using dev tools (chrome/opera) ? Use the Performance and Memory tabs to record some snapshots and take a look at which method calls are impacting the most and what is prolonging frame times.


Thanks for the feedback. We will check it later.


The version is the same.


Could be related to antialias setting, we are removing it in new versions, you can refer to this PR


How can I set antialias off before game starts?