Cocos Creator v1.7.0-rc.1

Cocos Creator v1.7.0-rc.1
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Hi all,

you can download the latest beta version of Cocos Creator:

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I’m pretty confused right now. v1.6.2 beta.3 is released and so did v1.7.0 beta.1:

But v1.6.2 official build is not released yet. Is there a new way how each build is released now? When will v1.6.2 be available? @slackmoehrle


Let me get an answer about this to address the confusion. My teammates in China are on an 8 day holiday. I will ping the team leader and wait for a response.


New 1.7 beta has been released.


yup, I’ll ask why there are 2 beta version at the same time.


There are 2 beta versions. You can think of it this way.

the v1.6 beta is a beta of the stable version

the v1.7 beta is letting everyone see how the next major version is shaping up.

You can report feedback to:


Cocos Creator v1.7.0-beta.3 has been released.


1.6.2 released at the Chinese site


Cocos Creator 1.6.2 is available for download:


CC 1.7.0 beta 5 has been released. See the first post for the download link.


Beta 7 for the Windows users, Beta 8 for the Mac users. :slight_smile:


I love these frequent updates.


We have a release candidate version now. How exciting… :slight_smile:


1.6 and 1.7 betas had many issues and I dont think they got fixed for the final version. I have the feeling that they are rush to release without proper QA.


Don’t worry, 1.7.2 will be stable. :wink:


I hope so! :slight_smile:


We have a new version to check: v1.7.0-rc.2

I cannot edit the first post, so here is the link now:


Maybe you can edit the title of the topic? :wink:


Unfortunately I can’t do it… but why?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Probably because the topic is quite old. I checked yesterday, and I can edit the title of the topic created a month ago. Probably soon I will not be able to do it anymore.

Sorry for my english. And thank you for the updates!