Cocos Creator v1.6.0 Beta Releases (Updated with rc.1)

Cocos Creator v1.6.0 Beta Releases (Updated with rc.1)
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  1. Instant script compile is really good. Now I don’t have to wait for seconds when preview.
  2. There is a minor bug (may be my Android Studio’s bug): at the first time run on device it always crash. Built signed APK is fail at the first time too. The second build is OK.
  3. It’s good if we can exclude some modules in mobile build like in web version.
  4. Anysdk is still there in project, just not included by default. Wish: provide a checkbox to include/exclude this module like checkbox for SDKBOX in build popup.


Yes I got this too. I think its more of a android studio issues than 1.6


@nantas 1.6 dos are not updated yet right?


This is been happening since 1.6 I believe. Already happening on 1.7 and 1.8. Never heard anything from the team.