Cocos Creator v1.5.2 Released!

Cocos Creator v1.5.2 Released!
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Full Changelog


  • [Editor] Fixed release build sourcemap path is not correct issue.
  • [Editor] Fixed empty arrays may cause problems with the property inspector
  • [Editor] Fixed timeout error when a new scene was saved.
  • [Editor] Upgrades the TypeScript runtime to 2.3 to support async, await
  • [Build] Fixed the crash when the engine and the game script are compiled at the same time.
  • [Build] command line construction to increase the choice of android chip architecture parameters, support for a parameter into the array value
  • [Build] Build settings panel add using VS 2017 to compile native project on windows options.
  • [TypeScript] Fixing a TypeScript-defined component inherits the parent class Inspector property


  • [Engine] Fixed AudioEngine causes a crash when the audio ends and aborts events are triggered together.
  • [Engine] Set the default value for WebGL alpha to false, so that rendering is consistent with native and efficient, and if the user needs to display the DOM background, you can set it manually to true
  • [Engine] Fix web and native api getTarget get inconsistent object issue
  • [Engine] Remove unnecessary salvaged logic from the web ActionManager
  • [Engine] Fixed part of the item dependency did not register caused by the cycle reference loading
  • [Action] Unified Sequence / Spawn constructor parameter validation to avoid passing in a single action
  • [Audio] Fixed streaming audio on iOS (normally a background music) may get interrupted and not be looped issue.
  • [API] Fix cc.NodePool API documentation and TypeScript definitions


  • [Camera] Fixed culling display incorrectly when using Camera rendering
  • [Camera] Re-visit the node rendering when the target node of the Camera changes
  • [Graphics] When the number of vertices is too high, will open up a new buffer, to avoid rendering confusion
  • [Graphics] create new buffer when graphics verts number is bigger than 65535
  • [WebView] Fixed the white border problem of webview on the iOS.
  • [Physics] Fixed MouseJoint target can not change the problem
  • [Physics] Improved algorithm for automatically generating polygons based on picture pixels, avoiding problems that do not produce polygons correctly for certain shapes
  • [EditBox] Fixed UC browser can not correctly pop up the EditBox keyboard bug
  • [BMFont] fix multiple bmfont packages that are packed together by automatic assembly settings can not be displayed correctly on the native platform
  • [Animation] Layout, ScrollView component properties add Animation support
  • [Particle] Remove destroyParticleSystem, destroy the particles will automatically unregister particles with the scheduler

Please post your feedback and issues regarding this version!



Hi @nantas

Thanks for the release…:slight_smile: May I ask, what is intersection in module config? God Bless…




Please work also on the Cocos Creator Documentation. There are still empty and untranslated Pages. Inspector, Property or UI-Kit are some Examples of the CC Extension Documentation. Working on CC Extensions is very limited for non-chineses speaking developer (for now). A translastion in near future would be really nice!


Also jut out of curiosity , why there was need for : -->
Unified Sequence / Spawn constructor parameter validation to avoid passing in a single action.?


Thanks for Cocos Creator team’s great work.

I want to report an issue about custom component with 1.5.2.
I made a custom component BasePopup which extends cc.Component and CustomPopup which exnteds BasePopup.
Then I add CustomPopup to a Node and set properties of CustomPopup on Cocos Creator’s GUI. But at runtime, properties of CustomPopup are not set…

I would appreciate any suggestions or information.


Hi, @nantas I just came here to say thank you to the team. Im not quite happy with support the company provides to the english forum, but Im really happy with what dev team is doing with Creator. I believe you guys are doing an amazing job and Creator is an amazing tool!!! 1.5.2 is quite fantastic and I love being able to deblug my game from VSCode and all the performance improvements. Look forward to see the next versions! Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


cc.Intersection contains a bunch of API for point, line and rect intersection related method.

It was part of cc.Collider module but recently we found that it should be a standalone module in case you want to handle these calculations without colliders or physics.

Thank you for point it out, it may take a while but we are working on more translation.

The sequence/spawn behavior on web platform and native platform was inconsistent.

Could you post some code with how your properties defined?

We are sorry that with the heavy work load sometimes dev supports are missing here. We’ll try our best to provide better documentation and forum support. Also we appreciate your help in this community, it’s great to have you here!


Hi @nantas

Thanks for explanation…God Bless…




Thank For the new update.
Script file highlight in content browser when clicking on Script component is missing !!! Now i have to search the script file in the content browser.


Thank you for your response!

I’ve tried to reproduce this issue in simple project, but I could’t.

This issue was fixed with below operation:

  1. Copy BasePopup to BasePopup2
  2. Use BasePopup2 as CustomPopup’s parent

As my project is private, I can’t show you how to reproduce this issue…