Cocos Creator v1.5.2-beta.2

Hi all,

here is a brand-new beta to download:




  • [Build] Fixed the crash when the engine and the game script are compiled at the same time.
  • [Graphics] When the number of vertices is too high, will open up a new buffer, to avoid rendering confusion
  • [WebView] Fixed the white border problem of webview on the iOS.
  • [Action] Unified Sequence / Spawn constructor parameter validation to avoid passing in a single action
  • [Editor] Fixed timeout error when a new scene was saved.
  • [Engine] Fixed part of the item dependency did not register caused by the cycle reference loading
  • [Physics] Fixed MouseJoint target can not change the problem


  • [Camera] Fixed culling display incorrectly when using Camera rendering
  • [Camera] Re-visit the node rendering when the target node of the Camera changes
  • [EditBox] Fixed UC browser can not correctly pop up the EditBox keyboard bug
  • [Editor] Fixed release build sourcemap path is not correct issue.
  • [Editor] Fixed empty arrays may cause problems with the property inspector
  • [Engine] Remove unnecessary salvaged logic from the web ActionManager
  • [Editor] Upgrades the TypeScript runtime to 2.3 to support async, await
  • [Engine] Fixed AudioEngine causes a crash when the audio ends and aborts events are triggered together.
  • [Animation] Layout, ScrollView component properties add Animation support
  • [Build] Build settings panel add using VS 2017 to compile native project on windows options.
  • [Audio] Fixed streaming audio on iOS (normally a background music) may get interrupted and not be looped issue.
  • [Graphics] create new buffer when graphics verts number is bigger than 65535
  • [Particle] Remove destroyParticleSystem, destroy the particles will automatically unregister particles with the scheduler
  • [BMFont] fix multiple bmfont packages that are packed together by automatic assembly settings can not be displayed correctly on the native platform
  • [Engine] Fix web and native api getTarget get inconsistent object issue

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I appreciate the frequent updates!

Beta 2 is here, the link has been updated in the first post.

Thanks a lot for the quick update, I took your post to update English changelog and download link so community can get the information they need more easily.


Thanks!!! Keep up the great work!

hey @nantas mac version has this problem. unable to install.

hi, currently i’m using v1.5.1
with DragonBones display i got this issue with flipping mesh and IK
source for test (680.9 KB)

in DragonBones Animation Pro
just want to flip armature,
inside armature has IK and Mesh

result test by comparing to Pixijs
issue happens with mesh rendering and IK only

i’m trying to fix that too, but can’t find any solution
please anyone help fix this for v1.5.2