Cocos Creator v1.4 released!

Hi, It’s a known issue of DragonBones runtime.

As I know, DragonBones team is developing the cpp runtime for DragonBones 5.0. Maybe the problem will be fixed in the new version. Thanks for your feedback!

It would be nice to have these problems acknowledged, they are issue created in 1.4 that currently create major problem in our game and prevent us from using 1.4 release.

@muribundi let me ask someone to take a look at the issues you posted.

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when I set my framerate to 60, I get 120 in chrome and Firefox: 60 );



Hi @slackmoehrle

Awesome!!! :slight_smile: Looking forward to reading the docs…God Bless…:grinning:



I tried this 2 preview plugins

They open a preview window from cocos creator but these are not integrated with the VS Code Editor Debugger so I cannot put in breakpoints or look at the console output in there.

I respond your event question and asked @zhangbin to give you some information about spine color/opacity

I found a bug in a new release

TiledMap looks weird right now

Collider bug?

Hmm, how to summon out sdkbox gui after downloading it from extension store ? There is no buttons in the menu but the zip is donwloaded and unzipped in the directory. :open_mouth:

That’s awesome, thanks!

@abyssal_studio Do you have a repro project that reproduces the bug that you can send us?

If we could get the stack trace somehow, that’d be best. I glanced at
dragonbones/armature/Armature.cpp, dragonbones/animation/Animation.cpp, and dragonbones/animation/AnimationState.cpp and there are tons of loops with erase calls in them that could be dangerous.

I could very easily fix this for you in cocos2dx-lite with a repro project.

I have made a smaller project for you:

To test it, you just have to click somewhere in the scene, and it will crash (or maybe when you release the click, don’t remember, since I have come back to the 1.3.3 version)

Thanks for looking at it :wink: And sorry for my code if you have to look at it, it’s not a proper code :smiley:

I will take a look this weekend. Should be an easy fix.

Creator Plugin Store Tutorial:

Thanks so much !

@slackmoehrle friendly reminder that the eng version of the doc still not available for 1.4

Thanks. I am going to have to move them over by hand, I think. I am trying to finish work on a new documentation site, but with GDC stuff, this has been slow. Now I am back to it.

Tell me if you need any help.

Check out my first game built with Cocos Creator !!!



when I start Cocos Creator (after a reboot on Windows and Mac) I have always to retype my Cocos Creator username and password. It would be nice, if Cocos Creator would remember that.